Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jack Goes Home

We were all excited to finally take Jack home with us!  Owen and Mason were very eager to help get Jack dressed in his special outfit.  Here are some cute pictures and at the very bottom is a video.  Enjoy.

Time to take off the jammies

Mason helping with the jammies

Owen helping with a sleeve

Snapping him up

Owen is really trying hard at those snaps

Owen putting on a bootie

Mason giving Jack the finishing touch

Proud big brother Mason

My silly, handsome, proud big brothers

 Family of five heading home

Someday I will look back and not believe he was so small

Buckled in and ready to hit the road with big brothers

On our way out of the hospital

Here we come

Jack's fan club

In front of our car

Daddy making sure Jack is secure

Feeling good

Also quite excited to be going home

Tiny Jack and Floppy

Big boys in new carseats 

We've made it home

Granna and baby Jack

 Mommy and Jack boy

Daddy and Jack

Tired but proud Mommy and Daddy

Is that a tiny little smile?

Granddaddy keeping Jack cozy

Ooh! Jack's first time in his stroller