Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 - the epic post

This Christmas was a fun, hectic, busy, and crowded Christmas! But that's how we like it! We had lots of family in town, and since the big group of us can spread out over 2 houses, it actually worked out as far as sleeping arrangements go. All 18 of us gathered at our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Talk about LOTS of presents being exchanged!

The whole gang: Lindsay, Eduardo/Papi, Manda, Kyle, Linda, Caitlin, Brad, Rusty/Granddaddy, Erin, Aaron,
Mary, Owen, Tammy/Mimi, Numna, Jack, Jan/Granna, Mason, Bee (and Bella)
We learned that is a lap-hopper!  He doesn't care who's lap, he just wants to read books!  Here are some of his stops on Christmas Eve:

Daddy's lap
Numna's lap

Granddaddy's lap
And back to Numna's lap after bath and jammies

Caitlin and Linda enjoying Christmas Eve

This video is of Numna and Jack playing patty cake.  Numna was getting so tickled because Jack was holding her hands and making her continue to play with him.

Great grandmothers! (O, M)

Mason snuggling up to Numna and Jack

Jack was in such a good mood on Christmas Eve!

Being a ham:

Our Christmas Eve homemade (by Aaron) lasagna dinner was delicious!

Getting excited before bedtime! (O, M)

Hamming again

Watching his brothers get a plate ready for the reindeer. (O, M)

They took the job very serious

Caitlin and Linda made some Christmas cookies that Owen and Mason were happy to share with Santa


We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Yum!!



Bee visiting with Jack while he eats

Mason, Lindsay, and Owen wishing everyone would hurry up for presents!

M, J, and O with Numna on Christmas morning

Couldn't decide which picture was cuter so I included them both!

Passing Jack around, stalling for present time while everyone gets ready and fed

Okay, it's that time!! (O, M)

Helping Jack on his first ride
The boys were so sweet to help guide Jack down slowly for his first time.

Loved the Cozy Coupe

Books from Santa (O, M)

Long-awaited Star Wars masks! (O, M)

Opening their cool new light sabers (O, M)
Fun reaction to the light sabers!

"THE" big gift... (M, O)

Santa tricked us!  A box in a box! (M, O)

IPODS!!!!! (M, O)

Already checking it out

More of the group happily opening their goodies

Numna admiring her box of chocolates!  Her favorite!

Bee looking through the photo book of Owen, Mason, and Jack

Jack taking a break between gifts

A vacuum from Santa

Mason as General Grievous

Owen as Darth Maul

The boys made sure to let Jack watch while they opened the gifts he gave them

Awesome!  A Star Wars Kinect video game! (O, M)

Enamored with Jack's gyro-bowl (O, M)

Presenting Mimi and Grandma Mary with the gifts they made

It was some drawings from Owen and Mason

I think she likes it! (M, O)

Jack becoming hypnotized by Granddaddy rubbing his back

Getting the hang of ripping off that paper!
Kyle and Manda exchanging their gifts

Mason, so proud of his handmade wrapping paper!  

And his handmade art for Mommy and Daddy

Owen made some art too...

A cool ramp for bike-riding from aunt Lindsay

Owen getting a thank you spin

Mason has to spin too, of course!

M and O seeing their trampoline from Granna and Granddaddy for the first time

The whole gang (minus Mommy who was taking the picture) at Christmas Day lunch

Stocking time (M, O)

The kids really got a kick out of opening their stockings this year.

Reading him "Pat the Bunny" from Aunt Lindsay

Mason and Owen picked out this light-up turtle for Jack all by themselves. 

More books!

Lindsay showing Jack the train she got him
A pull Snoopy from Mommy and Daddy

Daddy helping Jack open his new blanket

Granna and Jack driving their pretend car

Leave us alone!  We have NEW ipods!!! (M, O)

And now, in our family fashion, here is a group of the same photo but in every combination: 

Mommy's side (O, M)

The great-grands! (O, M)

Daddy's side (M, O)

More great-grands!

The Crews five

Aaron and his brother with their wives


With Aunt Lindsay (O, M)

With their Aunt Manda and Uncle Kyle (M, O)

Jack and Grandma Mary enjoying breakfast the day after Christmas

Owen relaxing on the couch and playing with his new toy!

One more funny video of the boys playing with one of their new gifts: