Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

I love tree decorating day!

Owen hanging one out of Jack's reach.

Jack watching and learning our family traditions.
He was enamored with all the lights on the tree!

Owen hanging a homemade ornament.

Every year I like to get a pic of the kids.  This year was a little more difficult with a squirmy, climb-y one year old!  Our attempt went something like this:

Jack buns

Look at me!  I'm so sneaky!

Hanging onto Owen's hair for balance.

Actually, Owen's head is more stable.

Somehow picture-taking turned into a
game of peek-a-boo! (M)

Safe to say we all had fun trying to get a picture! (O)

Got it! (O, M)
Safe to say we all had fun trying to get the picture!

Owen topping the tree.  Mason got to plug it in.

Jack finds shredding tissue paper more entertaining.

Jack found the ladder!  Owen is there
to make sure he doesn't fall.

Not sure who's giving who a ride. (M)

Owen had to try too.

The dog kept pestering Aaron.  We finally realized he wanted to be held
(VERY odd for this dog).  Jack also wanted to be held. Had to get a picture!

Jack squatting over a toilet basket playing with his Nativity set.

Cute Mason!  He's getting so big, but still so sweet and cuddly!

Jack found a seat and a bag of goldfish, to which he helped himself.
Since when do 1 year olds know how to open a ziplock?
Obsessed with the shopping cart! 

I'm cute in my Santa hat (that was my brothers' on their 1st Christmas)!

One day we picked Numna up at her new place and had her over for several hours. She really enjoyed seeing the kids, they just bring her so much JOY! I am so glad my children will be able to say they knew her!  

Owen riding the horse Numna gave the boys for Christmas
when they were 18 months old.

Owen lovin' on Numna.

This is such a neat picture of Numna with Jack on the horse she bought.

He really got going on his horse.  Usually, he will click his tongue every time 
he rides it to imitate the hooves.

I don't know if it's her dementia or her genuine LOVE of kids, but she gets SO tickled every time Jack dances.  He was pushing this button that made the dog play music and shake his ears around. As usual, when Jack hears music, he dances.  And it's extra cute with his Santa diaper!

Hanging out in one of his favorite spots - Numna's lap.
She mesmerizes him!  He sees her in person (and in pictures)
and calls her by name.  (Nuh-nuh)

After he got fully dressed he came back for
more lap time and a Christmas book.

Numna and Mason

Owen with a sly grin on his face.  Check out the top of Numna's hair.
(he snuck a finger puppet up there)

Okay, now one with no puppet!

Adorable and priceless!!

One of my favorite pictures of all time!! (O, M)

Mason's class Cat in the Hat (he came to visit us for a week) hanging out
with Elvis the Elf.

Waiting, watching, for the gingerbread to be done!