Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Christmas-y Saturday

Breakfast with Santa at the kids' school

Before Aaron headed to his last half day of class for the semester, we went to the kids' school to see Santa (#1 of 2 that day) and eat some (cold) donuts.  Mmmmm!

Oh look, a jingle bell.  Jack will enjoy it.  Let's let him play with it.
He's old enough not to put it in his mouth, right?

We're good parents, I swear.

With Santa's helpers.

Santa's Cookie Shop at Rough Hollow

Granna and Granddaddy's neighborhood put on a wonderful little party for the kids one Saturday.  They had cookie decorating, ornament making, yummy treats (the kids first encounter with a chocolate fountain), a bunch of Owen and Mason's friends were there, as was Santa (the REAL Santa).  He brought each kid an individually wrapped gift with their name on it.  Jack got a fun little bath toy, and both big kids got a pack of matchbox cars.  They were SO blown away because Santa knew exactly what they'd like!  It was awesome and it may have bought me a couple extra years of believing!  Thanks, Santa!

Strawberry on a stick

Checking out the lake below

Owen and his red icing!

Mason adding some blue sprinkles

Helping Owen add buttons to his gingerbread man (read: more icing!  he is my son!)
Mason and his finished cookie, and a leeetle extra sprinkles!

Owen and lots of extra icing!

Jack, new at walking!

So serious!

Making an ornament with Mason

Owen, proud of his ornament

Mason and his finished ornament

This year's Santa picture (M, J, O)

Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting

After Aaron was done with school for the day, we joined back up with him to walk over to the Capitol for the tree lighting.  It was pretty fun seeing the Capitol up close and explaining to the kids what it's for.  We had fun singing carols (especially Feliz Navidad), watching the lights dance to the music, and seeing all the crazy bikes from the Austin Bike Zoo.  After the tree was lit, we strolled down Congress and ate dinner at the Driskill Hotel.  Yum!

Waiting to ride the funny reindeer/sleigh bike contraption.

Our turn

Obsessed with lights!

Driskill dinner (O)

Mason and Mommy at dinner

We saw a pedi-cab with a big Darth Vader, complete with working light saber, on the back. After we took this picture the Imperial March played loudly as the driver peddled away.  It. Was. AWESOME!  We should have ridden just for fun!

Owen in the weird, long, rattlesnake bike.

Mason in the rattlesnake.

Getting eaten by the snake!

Sledding down the hill at the capitol.

We also got a tour of Aaron's school building and classroom. Here are the boys sitting where Daddy sists during class. They were kind of shocked at how boring Daddy's classroom looks compared to theirs!

By the end of the day, we were all wiped out!  It was good family time though!