Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Goes Both Ways!

So this has got to be the best sibling moment so far since Jack has arrived! 

First, just in case you forgot (ha!), let me say that Owen and Mason LOVE to try to get Jack to smile or laugh.  Smiles come easy, while laughing has proven a little more difficult for them to draw out of him.  Jack loves to be tickled, but O and M don't quite have the *right* tough to make it tickle - instead I think it must feel like poking.  Usually I'm right there "helping" Jack laugh and giving the credit to the boys.  Makes 'em feel good. :)

Anyway, back to the other sibling moment yet!  Finally the relationship between the big boys and Jack is really starting to go both ways!  Just watch the video! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Roly Poly

This is one little boy who is excited to be getting bigger and better at doing things. I can tell he wants to get moving so he can keep up with his big brothers.   Well, now he's one step closer!

Jack is rolling both ways now and he's very happy about it!  This past week he had been getting his hips and shoulders flipped over but he couldn't quite figure out how to lift his big baby noggin off the ground and un-pin his arm.  He had one successful roll but it was kind of a "cheat" since his bottom arm was down by his side before he started.  Then he did it once again for Granna on Thursday. 

Finally on Saturday it clicked.  And now just one day later, he's doing it with ease.  In fact, bedtime on Saturday was kind of tricky because of his new-found skill.  His instinct was to roll over, which led to his other instinct - mini push ups for tummy time.  Not super fun when you're an exhausted baby.  He got pretty mad so I had to stay by the crib for a few minutes and keep him from rolling while he relaxed enough to fall asleep. 

Here's Mimi trying to entice Jack to roll with one of Owen's cars.

Five Months

Oh boy has Jack gotten FUN!  It seems like every day he does something else cuter than the day before!  It makes every day so much fun for the rest of us - and a bit hard to get anything done because we'd all rather sit and play with Jack.  The big boys still can't get enough of him and often argue over who gets the seat in the car that has the view of Jack.  It's a nice problem to have! :)

At five months, Jack: 
  • 14 lbs, 14 ounces (50th percentile)
  • 25 inches exactly (25th percentile)
  • wears size 1 diapers and size 3-6 month clothes.
  • is about 2 pounds lighter than Owen and Mason were at this age.
  • can't get enough of his big brothers!  His favorite thing to do is watch them.  Watch them play, watch them in the car, watch them make goofy faces, watch them in the tub - you name it!
  • has discovered his feet and looks so adorable lying on the floor grabbing them.
  • thinks his hands are delicious!
  • really loves to talk.  His baby language is so fun to listen to and he is quite charming when he does it!
  • has started doing the SWEETEST thing ever - after I finish nursing him I give him kisses on the side of his cheek/neck area.  He turns his head as if to expect it, and gives me the most adorable little coo/laugh I've ever heard.  This goes on for several minutes and I can't get enough!
  • has made the transition from falling asleep in his swing, and being transferred to his crib, to falling asleep in his crib.
  • is really perfecting his aim when trying to grab what he wants.
  • can often be found playing with his bumble bee toy or chewing on his giraffe.
  • has rolled twice from his back to his tummy!
  • is no longer swaddled at night, and instead falls asleep wearing a sleep sack - more affectionately known around here as his "slanket."
  • goes back and forth trying to decide if he still loves his pacifier.  He discovered his thumb or thumb + pointer finger may be even better.
  • rarely cries so hard that he can't be calmed down.  His crying is more like fussing and is typically easily figured out.
  • has lost quite a bit of hair compared to when he was born.
  • has been given baths in several different ways, but his all-time favorite is in his baby tub without the newborn hammock thing.  His feet go crazy kicking and splashing water everywhere and his little face is full of excitement!  And don't think about adjusting his position should he start sliding down - he will let you know with a howl that he wants to be left alone to splash!
  • loves to grab and krinkle the plastic wrapper that the diapers are packaged in while getting a diaper change.
  • takes about 9 ounces of formula a day.
  • has become effecient at breastfeeding, usually taking no more than 5 minutes per side.  He does feed more often but Mommy prefers it this way, so it works out!
  • still wakes at 2 am to eat - or maybe just to fidget and trick Mommy into snuggling.  Due to the fact that his room is about as far from our room as possible, and that there is no chair in there, he still sleeps in our room until we can skip this feeding.
  • wakes again at 6 or 7 am for another feeding.
  • has had more blow-outs this month than I care to count!!  (usually coming in the early morning hours)
  • has had some major spit-up action this month too!  I think he is just getting "full to the top" as Owen and Mason say.
  • can often be found smiling or happily looking around at the world.
  • gets pretty mad when put into his swing or car seat, but only for the first 30 seconds.  Once buckled, he's perfectly fine with it.
  • Love, loves his jumperoo!!
  • has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Funny Quotes

We have been keeping a running list of the cute and funny things the kids have been saying lately.  The problem is, we never knew when to post the list since they were constantly saying funny things that we wanted to remember.  Finally, Aaron made a separate page on our blog where we can keep the list going.  So make sure to check the "Funny Quotes" page often!  You can find the link at the top of this page just under the heading.

Jack - Four Weeks Old (link)

Click the picture to jump back to October to view the post.

Jack - Three Weeks Old (link)

Click the picture and jump back to the end of September to view this post.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Return of the Jumperoo!

Owen and Mason LOVED this thing!  We pulled it out of the attic, gave it a good cleaning, and let Jack go to town.  He was a little slow going at first as he tried to figure out what he was to do, but I think we put him in quite a bit earlier than we did with Owen and Mason (they were closer to 6 months - Jack is a few days shy of 4 months.  Boy does the song bring back memories!

Little jumping feet trying to get the hang of it.