Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Words, Cruising, Etc...

I've been trying to get to sit down and write this post for some time now! So many things have been changing with my little guys that I'm afraid I'm losing track! Let's go back to 10.5 months:

We have first words!!! We noticed Mason saying the same sound every time he would look at the light. We would frequently ask him where the light was and he would look up and say "ight" or "dight" every time after hearing us say it. Now we point and say "what's that?" and he says "ight" or "dight" almost every time! About a week later Owen said his first word...which was different than Mason's. Of course, he and Mason have been able to make the "ba" sound for quite some time now, but this time it was on purpose. We "tested" it by asking Owen where the ball was. He would look for it or crawl over to it while repeating "ba" after we prompted him. A day or so later we walked into his room and he saw the giant ball we recently bought. Without prompting, Owen said "ba." Now he sees balloons and plastic eggs left over from Easter and says "ba." It is so cool to see them putting ideas together. And as expected, their second words were the other guys first word. Owen now says "ight/dight" just like Mason says it, and Mason says "ba." I wonder what word number 3 will be...?

Both guys are little parrots, mimicking almost every noise we make. Owen even learned to do the kissing sound! They also mimic actions; waving, clapping, and now even snapping! They obviously can't make a noise but Owen sure tries using his thumb and pointer finger.

Gross motor skills are on the rise too! Owen absolutly loves walking (with help, of course). Just hold his fingers and off he goes. At this time (10.5 months) Mason is getting there but he'd still rather do it on his own and crawl. Both boys are definitely cruising along furniture, making sure they get to whatever remote/coaster/cell phone is on the other side. Owen also loves to walk behind his push toy, which he no longer needs mom or dad to help him go. Now it's all him-and at one speed-as fast as his legs can go, with a giant grin on his face!

That's about it for 10.5 months. Around 11 months there were more milestones. Both little guys find it extremely fun to walk holding our fingers. No more leaning them forward to force a step or two. Put them upright and they know what to do. We went to the outlet mall and they walked and walked. It was so weird to not have them in the stroller OR in my arms. It's a sneak peek at the days ahead. Everyone just strolling along enjoying the day. They also love squatting...weird. They'll hold onto something and bend down to look under the coffee table or pick up a toy. It is so funny with the added grunt because of a full belly.

Owen still HATES people food and tries to hide whatever we give him in his high chair seat. Mason is coming around though. He LOVES pickles of all things. Give that kid a pickle and he'll clench it the entire meal taking a few licks between handfuls of rice krispies. Mimi visited this weekend and she let him try some of her black bean orzo pasta salad. He loved that too-squealing and reaching for her plate if she slacked off.

Up to this point, neither kid has liked to PUT things, they only like the TAKE part of the "put and take" games. I think it is because they instinctively know that since they are a twin, if something gets put down it gets swiped by their brother. But, Owen has been learning to "put" and occasionally follow it with "uh-oh." Also a new word...previously it was a mimicked "uh-uh." He also likes to show you what toy he has. He stretches his hand out and makes a little noise and then takes it back. Mason thinks this means he is giving it to him play with. Let's just say we still have a thing or two to learn about sharing. I said previously that Mason says light but now he even points to it with one little finger. He really loves lights I guess-all these "firsts" prompted by a silly light.

I've said on a previous blog how it has been hard for me thinking about them getting older. I finally found the answer to not being sad about this. Today Owen confirmed to me that he definitely knows how to give kisses. I'll make an exxagerated kissing sound and he leans in with his mouth wide open to give me a kiss. It's what I've been waiting for!

Walking like big boys

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A day in the life...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I wish I could freeze time. It makes me sad knowing that Owen and Mason will not stay this way forever and, while I know I will love them at any age, I am trying to do the best I can to savor every moment. I'm so afraid I won't remember them this way in 10 years. I'm kind of having a hard time putting a positive spin on "growing up" because I know I'm going to miss this time. I'm trying to do all I can to get the most out of the moment. Aaron and I have always been busy bodies-always going somewhere. We have been trying to stay at home more often (and actually cook at home) so we have more time to play and enjoy Owen and Mason. In an effort to preserve our wonderful memories, we took a few pictures of the boys this evening as we all played together in their room. It is usually our normal routine just before last romp. Here are some pictures from a typical evening at the Crews house. And for all you moms and dads reading do you not let the thought of your kids getting older make you sad? Please, leave advice in the comment section if you have any!

A day in the life...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


On Sunday afternoon we filled up Owen and Mason's baby pool for the first time. They had a blast! They splashed and played and would have stayed out there all night if we didn't bring them back in. You can guess who stayed in the pool and who took off in the grass. In the video you can see Owen reach over and touch the grass and complain about it. That guy absolutely hates grass! Too funny!


First Haircuts!

Well, we did it! Owen and Mason got their hair cut on Sunday-one week shy of 11 months! It was sad knowing that they were not going to look like babies anymore but after seeing the finished product, it was well worth it. They look so handsome and like such big boys! Both of them did great-no screaming and they stayed pretty still for the lady. They got to sit all by themselves in the big chair using a Bumbo. We took them to a place called Snip-its that specializes in kids haircuts so there were lots of bright, fun things to look at. At the end, they could put a little bit of hair in this machine in exchange for a prize. Of course we saved all of the hair so they used a "magic card" instead. They thought it was pretty cool!

First Haircuts!

...and here's a video of the whole thing! Owen went first.

Galveston Adventure

We all ventured to Galveston for a family outing one Saturday. Owen and Mason really enjoyed riding in their stroller checking everything out. We took them down to the beach for their first encounter with the ocean. Owen, being the cautious child at the moment, stayed on the beach mat and played with a few grains of sand. Mason tested the sand with his hand, decided it wasn't nearly as bad as grass, and went for it! We let them take a dip in the ocean (well, just their feet) and they were pretty fascinated by it. We got some cute pictures but boy were they sandy afterwards! From there we thought they would enjoy all there is to look at at Rainforest Cafe. Also very fascinating! We sat right by a big waterfall thing and right under a swinging monkey. Rainforest Cafe wouldn't be complete without the gift shop where Owen was very wide-eyed as Aaron carried him through it. There was a realistic looking snake swinging above his head and hissing and Owen reached out and touched it. Hmm...I thought he was the cautious one. They loved it! Overall they had a pretty eventful day in Galveston but somehow we managed to get out of Rainforest without any pictures. Here are the ones from the beach...



We took Owen and Mason to a field with lots of pretty bluebonnets and we got some great pictures! Owen HATED the grass touching his leg so we had to use a blanket. It was either that or a crying baby!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Suggestions for the Family

Well, the big day is just around the corner (May 10) and lots of you (ahem, grandparents) have been asking for ideas and suggestions. I hesitate posting this on the blog for fear of coming off tacky but Aaron assured me it was the easiest way to give those that are stuggling some ideas.

Aaron and I brainstormed and created a list of things that we think the babies would like or need. The list is not by any means all-inclusive and for the most part they are just general ideas. If there are specific criteria we tried to list those. So far Aaron and I have gotten them 2 outdoor folding chairs, personalized plates, and a slide. We still have some shopping to do too! Okay, here goes...

  • Little People Farm - they will probably start learning animals and animal sounds pretty soon.
  • Wooden Train Set such as this-we wouldn't need a set with lots of pieces...this is something good to add to as they get older.
  • Wooden blocks such as these-again, don't need a lot of pieces here...can add to the collection as they learn to build bigger things.
  • Melissa and Doug Farm Sound Blocks-these are super cool-you match the animal correctly and it "moos" or "quacks" etc.
  • Ride on/Walk Behind Toy such as this-any will do, this is just an example. We already have one similar toy which they love.
  • Pull Toy and/or Push Toy like any of these or these
  • Little Tikes Lawn Mower (Aaron thinks it will be neat if his sons are outside "helping" him).
  • Melissa and Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzle (Jungle, Barnyard, Pets or 3-piece Shapes)
  • Trendy Kid Cutlery and Bowl - at least one set per kid (you don't have to order from this website in particular and they may be in stores-I've never looked).
  • Benders by Boon - at least one set per kid (I've seen these at HEB and Babies R Us)
  • Small containers for toting food with a lid that is secure and spill proof (Rubbermaid or Tupperware Mini Rectangle #1 for example). As I was looking for a link I found this, which would be perfect!!
  • Snack catcher like this-notice the lid is split so the kids can reach in but the food can't spill out if it is tipped over. Any snack cup with a lid like this will do...and one for each baby! :)
  • Pedipeds are GREAT soft-soled shoes for early walkers. And since I am such a lover of baby shoes I have to be specific on this suggestion! Pediped Shoes in styles Tyler (navy) or Tyler Brown or Will (navy). These can be ordered online or you can find a retailer here.
  • Owen and Mason really want Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 4 (wink, wink) and Huggies Unscented wipes, too! ;)
  • Emily Green plates, bowls and/or placemats-any design, whatever moves you. :) (we already have the penguin and dino bowl, and the whale and giraffe placemat)
  • Baby clothes size 12-18 mo., shoe size 5.

**For Family**

Aaron is interested in starting an account for the boys. He was thinking it's purpose would be for items they need as they grow when it isn't their birthday or Christmas. This is another option for you as well.

Anyway, be on the lookout for birthday invites going out some time this week. If you still need help or have your own ideas and want feedback, feel free to ask.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Owen and the Wet Rag

Owen's cracking us up lately with how he doesn't like touching things that feel weird (hmm... might have inherited some of Daddy's tactile defensiveness). The other night there was a wet rag laying on a sterilite bin that he was pulling up on and he did NOT want it on there. We kept putting it back on there and he kept throwing it down - it was cracking us up!

Finally we let him keep it on the floor, but then he refused to step on it! He would stand on one foot to avoid stepping on it with the other! Eventually he caught on to our laughter and decided to play it up and started swinging the rag all around.

Owen on his horse

Owen and Mason have recently been loving their horses that they got for Christmas. A couple of months ago they were afraid of them but now they can't get enough of them. Owen in particular will see his horse and start "bopping" and making a clicking noise that souds like the "clip clop" of a horse. In this video you can see him pull back on the reigns and try to neigh.

Also, the other day we were watching John and Kate Plus 8 and one of the kids on that show was dressed up like a duck and quacking. Without missing a beat, Owen started "quacking," which is more of a Ga Ga Ga or Ca Ca Ca sound, but it's still a new sound for him. We caught some of it here.

Mason and the Cell Phone

Almost eleven months old and some things never change. Mason still loves Daddy's cell phone. Here it was plugged into the wall and charging on the nightstand when we went and got it and refused to let go.