Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Words, Cruising, Etc...

I've been trying to get to sit down and write this post for some time now! So many things have been changing with my little guys that I'm afraid I'm losing track! Let's go back to 10.5 months:

We have first words!!! We noticed Mason saying the same sound every time he would look at the light. We would frequently ask him where the light was and he would look up and say "ight" or "dight" every time after hearing us say it. Now we point and say "what's that?" and he says "ight" or "dight" almost every time! About a week later Owen said his first word...which was different than Mason's. Of course, he and Mason have been able to make the "ba" sound for quite some time now, but this time it was on purpose. We "tested" it by asking Owen where the ball was. He would look for it or crawl over to it while repeating "ba" after we prompted him. A day or so later we walked into his room and he saw the giant ball we recently bought. Without prompting, Owen said "ba." Now he sees balloons and plastic eggs left over from Easter and says "ba." It is so cool to see them putting ideas together. And as expected, their second words were the other guys first word. Owen now says "ight/dight" just like Mason says it, and Mason says "ba." I wonder what word number 3 will be...?

Both guys are little parrots, mimicking almost every noise we make. Owen even learned to do the kissing sound! They also mimic actions; waving, clapping, and now even snapping! They obviously can't make a noise but Owen sure tries using his thumb and pointer finger.

Gross motor skills are on the rise too! Owen absolutly loves walking (with help, of course). Just hold his fingers and off he goes. At this time (10.5 months) Mason is getting there but he'd still rather do it on his own and crawl. Both boys are definitely cruising along furniture, making sure they get to whatever remote/coaster/cell phone is on the other side. Owen also loves to walk behind his push toy, which he no longer needs mom or dad to help him go. Now it's all him-and at one speed-as fast as his legs can go, with a giant grin on his face!

That's about it for 10.5 months. Around 11 months there were more milestones. Both little guys find it extremely fun to walk holding our fingers. No more leaning them forward to force a step or two. Put them upright and they know what to do. We went to the outlet mall and they walked and walked. It was so weird to not have them in the stroller OR in my arms. It's a sneak peek at the days ahead. Everyone just strolling along enjoying the day. They also love squatting...weird. They'll hold onto something and bend down to look under the coffee table or pick up a toy. It is so funny with the added grunt because of a full belly.

Owen still HATES people food and tries to hide whatever we give him in his high chair seat. Mason is coming around though. He LOVES pickles of all things. Give that kid a pickle and he'll clench it the entire meal taking a few licks between handfuls of rice krispies. Mimi visited this weekend and she let him try some of her black bean orzo pasta salad. He loved that too-squealing and reaching for her plate if she slacked off.

Up to this point, neither kid has liked to PUT things, they only like the TAKE part of the "put and take" games. I think it is because they instinctively know that since they are a twin, if something gets put down it gets swiped by their brother. But, Owen has been learning to "put" and occasionally follow it with "uh-oh." Also a new word...previously it was a mimicked "uh-uh." He also likes to show you what toy he has. He stretches his hand out and makes a little noise and then takes it back. Mason thinks this means he is giving it to him play with. Let's just say we still have a thing or two to learn about sharing. I said previously that Mason says light but now he even points to it with one little finger. He really loves lights I guess-all these "firsts" prompted by a silly light.

I've said on a previous blog how it has been hard for me thinking about them getting older. I finally found the answer to not being sad about this. Today Owen confirmed to me that he definitely knows how to give kisses. I'll make an exxagerated kissing sound and he leans in with his mouth wide open to give me a kiss. It's what I've been waiting for!

Walking like big boys

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