Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Suggestions for the Family

Well, the big day is just around the corner (May 10) and lots of you (ahem, grandparents) have been asking for ideas and suggestions. I hesitate posting this on the blog for fear of coming off tacky but Aaron assured me it was the easiest way to give those that are stuggling some ideas.

Aaron and I brainstormed and created a list of things that we think the babies would like or need. The list is not by any means all-inclusive and for the most part they are just general ideas. If there are specific criteria we tried to list those. So far Aaron and I have gotten them 2 outdoor folding chairs, personalized plates, and a slide. We still have some shopping to do too! Okay, here goes...

  • Little People Farm - they will probably start learning animals and animal sounds pretty soon.
  • Wooden Train Set such as this-we wouldn't need a set with lots of pieces...this is something good to add to as they get older.
  • Wooden blocks such as these-again, don't need a lot of pieces here...can add to the collection as they learn to build bigger things.
  • Melissa and Doug Farm Sound Blocks-these are super cool-you match the animal correctly and it "moos" or "quacks" etc.
  • Ride on/Walk Behind Toy such as this-any will do, this is just an example. We already have one similar toy which they love.
  • Pull Toy and/or Push Toy like any of these or these
  • Little Tikes Lawn Mower (Aaron thinks it will be neat if his sons are outside "helping" him).
  • Melissa and Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzle (Jungle, Barnyard, Pets or 3-piece Shapes)
  • Trendy Kid Cutlery and Bowl - at least one set per kid (you don't have to order from this website in particular and they may be in stores-I've never looked).
  • Benders by Boon - at least one set per kid (I've seen these at HEB and Babies R Us)
  • Small containers for toting food with a lid that is secure and spill proof (Rubbermaid or Tupperware Mini Rectangle #1 for example). As I was looking for a link I found this, which would be perfect!!
  • Snack catcher like this-notice the lid is split so the kids can reach in but the food can't spill out if it is tipped over. Any snack cup with a lid like this will do...and one for each baby! :)
  • Pedipeds are GREAT soft-soled shoes for early walkers. And since I am such a lover of baby shoes I have to be specific on this suggestion! Pediped Shoes in styles Tyler (navy) or Tyler Brown or Will (navy). These can be ordered online or you can find a retailer here.
  • Owen and Mason really want Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 4 (wink, wink) and Huggies Unscented wipes, too! ;)
  • Emily Green plates, bowls and/or placemats-any design, whatever moves you. :) (we already have the penguin and dino bowl, and the whale and giraffe placemat)
  • Baby clothes size 12-18 mo., shoe size 5.

**For Family**

Aaron is interested in starting an account for the boys. He was thinking it's purpose would be for items they need as they grow when it isn't their birthday or Christmas. This is another option for you as well.

Anyway, be on the lookout for birthday invites going out some time this week. If you still need help or have your own ideas and want feedback, feel free to ask.

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