Saturday, January 26, 2013


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Learner

I talked about elbows and ears yesterday for about 5 minutes. He remembered today! And I had no idea he knew fingers! I love this stage! It is so fun helping them learn!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jack's First Hair Cut

Welp, we finally did it.

I was reluctant for so long because Jack had such cute little baby curls.  Neither one of his brothers had any hint of any sort of bend in their hair, so the light tough of curling behind his ears was so adorable to me!  It suck out in the cutest way and just seemed to add to his personality.  But it was getting noticeably long, especially when his hair was wet...a good two inches past his hair line in the back.  It just didn't look that long when dry because it curved (I wouldn't even call it a curl) under.  We started realizing it was longer than we thought when more and more people kept calling our 'he' a 'she.'

Okay, FINE!  We'll cut it.  Yeahhh...I thought I was ready.  When he started looking like a little boy instead of a baby, I got a bit teary.  I didn't have that reaction with Owen and Mason.  I guess knowing this is our last baby makes it worse.  (Ugh, I don't wanna know what I'll be like on his first day of Kinder!)  But he sure does look adorable with his big boy hair!


Before, yep, carseat hair

See my favorite little baby curl right behind that ear!?  

Annnnd, there it goes...

Doing good, checking out a shark.  No big deal.

Being very patient.

A hug from his sentimental mommy.


No more curls behind those ears.  :(