Funny Quotes

October 18, 2014
Jack: What is Sully going to be for Halloween?
Daddy: Nothing. I don't think she is going to dress up.
Jack: I think she will be a nascar. She likes nascars. And baskets. And spoons.

October 18, 2014
Jack: Turtles like to eat seats....

October 17, 2014
Jack: What are crack roaches?

October 17, 2014
Jack: I'm still hungry. I didn't like my chicken and yogurt at la Madeleine because it tasted like snakes.

October 17, 2014
Mommy: Jack, tell her (the lady at the dr's office) thank you for the lollipop.
Jack: *whine whine whine*
Mommy:'re not going to eat it until you say thank you.
Jack, still whining: I don't know how to say it when I'm whining.

March 27, 2012
Jack was laughing at something unknown while riding in his car seat. 
Mason:  Maybe he is thinking of something a dancing hot dog.
Owen: a naked banana...without the peel.

March 27, 2012
Owen:  Why do we need lips?

March 26, 2012
Owen, running past me and shouting back at Mason in the other room: Let me go get my chain mail!

March 25, 2012
Owen: How do planets float?

March 17, 2012
Owen: I think Jack's crying because he's thinking about those credit cards.  (He was referring to coupons from the hockey game we went to).

February 17, 2012
Aaron brought the kids some handheld GPS things they were getting rid of at work. Mason was panning around the world and it stopped moving ...
Mason: Hey! It's not moving! I think I am at the end of the world.
Me: Oh really?
Mason: Ya! I think it's where they make chocolate.
February 4, 2012
The kids and I were talking about taking "pictures with our minds" when we want to remember something forever.  Jack was making some cute squeals and the kids were getting such a kick out of it, so I told them to "click" it into their memories.  We talked about the "mind pictures" we have from Disney, Hawaii, and when Jack was born.  I asked them if Jack was bigger or smaller than they expected when they saw him for the first time (they both said smaller), and if he was cuter or not as cute as they expected.  Of course they both said cuter, but then Mason said that Jack is STILL cuter than he thought, in fact he is "a thousand cuter than he thought!" 

January 24, 2012
Owen, walking past Mommy:  I'm going to the pooping station.
[a few minutes later while sitting on the potty]
Owen, to Daddy: I'm going to tell you a secret.  I told Mommy that I was going to the pooping station...but don't tell anybody!

December 29, 2011
Owen: I saw a picture of me in Mommy's tummy.
Uncle Kyle: Oh really?  Was it like black and white?
Owen: No, I just looked like a poop.

December 28, 2011
Kyle: Wow! How did your playroom get so messy?
Mason: Wellll.....sometimes the toys just fall off the shelves.....

December 4, 2011
Owen: "One time, I laid down, opened my eyes, and whistled. With my mouth."

November 27, 2011
Mason: "Prepare to be jammied!" [throws pajamas at me]

November 25, 2011
Mason: "All the stuff in this world is made out of peanut butter."

October 11, 2011
Owen: "I want to know what a result looks like"

September 30, 2011
[Bath Time]
Mason: time to turn the ocean blue. With shaving cream, of course.
Owen: now, here we are at the ocean, the deep blue sea, the biggest and saltiest swimming pool in the world.

September 20, 2011
Mason, to Erin: "You loved me a lot when I was a baby, too!"
E: "I still do love you a lot."
M: "Yeah, because I still have the same skin, and the same voice."

April 30, 2011
Mason: "I was just smelling the weather. And it smelled like chocolate."

April 24, 2011
Mason: "I'm going to tell you a secret." (Whispering into my ear) "Mrs. Butter"

April 17, 2011
Mason: "I want a spaghetti bath. But with no spaghetti in it."

April 8, 2011
Owen: "Disappear is when somebody disses a peer."

March 9, 2011
Mason: "Why are we always handsome?"
Daddy: "Because you're just handsome boys?"
Owen: "We're not handsome..."
Daddy: "What are you then?"
Mason: "Playboys."

February 10, 2011
The kids wanted Daddy to be a roller coaster so he let them ride on him while he crawled around. Eventually he broke down (laid flat on the ground). The kids were still sitting on him and wanted to know how to fix the roller coaster.
Out of the blue, "are we supposed to say abracadabra?"
Daddy: (no reply).
Daddy then turned into a boy and told the kids it was time to get undressed for bath.
Kids: "Will you help me take off my shirt, roller coaster boy?"

February 10, 2011
Mason was running around being loud while Owen finished his yogurt. Owen looked at me and said, "Mason sure is CRAZY!!"

February 10, 2011
The kids are running around in their capes while Daddy uses his arm as a gate. Somehow this morphed into playing "toll road" by paying money to lift the gate. Daddy said to Owen, "if you have an EZ Tag you don't have to pay money." Owen ran one lap and when he got back to the gate, he stopped to pay money again. His reason? "I have a hard tag."

February 3, 2011
Owen: "Let's play worms!"
Daddy: "How do you play that?"
Owen: "You lay on the ground and then move slowly, using your arms."
Daddy (thought in his head): "Wow. Fun game."

February 2, 2011
Mommy: "Are you super fast?"
Mason: "Only with a cape on." (with a little shrug and a half smile)
(he then disappeared and returned, running super-fast, with his cape on).

January 29, 2011
Owen: "Mommy. I need to tell you a secret. I know you want to be a slithering snake, but I need you to be a baby jaguar."

January 26, 2011
Owen: "We're making a movie about moving sponges."

January 21, 2011
After reading the page about cranes in the kids' construction book, Mason said "but I thought a crane was a big kind of bird."

December 12, 2010
Mason, after seeing music note Christmas ornaments at Target: "is that what comes out of my mouth when I sing?"

December 11, 2010
Owen: "Weenie dogs have ketchup on their fur and bread on the side."

September 2010
Owen didn't have a lot of experience with automatic faucets. Since he didn't see the hot and cold knobs, before he stuck his hand under the faucet, he said "cold please."