Tuesday, February 19, 2013

16 and 17 month updates

16 months

At 16 months, Jack:
  • is 24 pounds.
  • learned elbow (the location of it and how to say it) in about 5 minutes!
  • learned where his ears are.
  • has a little run goin' on.
  • loves bouncing in the trampoline with his brothers.
  • on his own, shouted out "back pack" when we picked up the kids after school. 
  • had his first hair cut!
  • has decided that Aaron and I are no longer Mama and Dada.  We are now very clearly Mommy and Daddy.  
  • obsessed with the Roomba.  Obsessed.
  • loves reading books.  He also likes to sit and read them on his own.
  • had tubes put in his ears on Jan. 10.
  • will tell you he's ready for nap/bed by saying "nigh night."
  • is trying really hard to say his brothers' names.  Right now they both are named "ha ha."
  • has had a language explosion in the last week or so.  Jack has added:
    • elbow (bo-bohhhh)
    • nose
    • Mason/Owen (ha-haaa)
    • back pack
    • iPad
    • cow/moo
    • monkey sounds (ooh ooh ooh ooh, over and over again)
    • *growl* (lion, tiger)
    • elephant sound, making a trunk with his arms
    • baby
    • birdy (beedee/teet teet)
    • sock (cok)
    • star (tar)
    • choo-choo (too-too)
    • airplane (?)
    • apple (ba-hull)
    • tree (tee)
    • duck/quack quack (uck/kak kak)
    • truck (uck)
    • bye-bye
    • hi (enthusiastically says it and waves)
    • Mimi
    • bubble (buh-boh)
  • can identify (point to, sometimes saying name) in books/surroundings:
    • lion/tiger
    • baby
    • apple
    • banana
    • night night (points to sleeping baby)
    • duck
    • puppy
    • kitty
    • choo choo
    • airplane
    • moon 
    • star shape
    • truck
    • sippy cup (points and says ba-ba)
    • book 
  • can identify on self:
    • elbow
    • ears
    • eyes
    • nose
    • belly button
    • fingers
    • toes
    • knows shoes go on his feet
 ________________       _________________       __________________      _________________

17 months

At 17 months, Jack:
  • loves dancing to Gangnam Style with his brothers.
  • will repeat just about anything you say with pretty good clarity.  I don't remember Owen and Mason having such control over their sounds that their mimicking was decipherable.  Some of our favorites for him to repeat have been:
    • Aww man!
    • Oh-wen!  May-hen! (trying to break down the big boys names for him to learn).
    • mimicking perfectly the sound the macaws were making at the zoo.
  • loved his first zoo experience in Fort Worth!  He is more of an animal kid than Owen and Mason ever were.  So far, he really loves elephants, tigers (or lions, which he thinks are one in the same), and primates.
  • lets us know loud and clear that it's time to get out of his carseat by declaring "unbuckle, unbuckle!"  
  • loves sweet things as well as all other foods!  He comes by his sweet tooth honestly and can't help but demand a bite if he sees you eating something yummy!  It always surprises me how he inherently knows what things are treats, even if he's never seen us eat it before!
  • points the remote control at the television to make something happen.  Sometimes it works.
  • Seems to be an organizer.  I've noticed he will purposefully stand his animal figures up on their feet when setting them down, even if he's done playing with them.  I've also seen him mess with some non-toy items and when he's done, he returns the items to the place he pulled them from.  How do I transfer this to toy items?! Ha!
  • legitimately thinks there are tigers roaming freely and will start calling for them (once through our backyard fence) if we are in areas with lots of natural surroundings, like a wooded park trail.
  • has discovered the joy of digging in the dirt or sand!
  • requests to color.  
  • loves his pull-toys, particularly Snoopy and his train.
  • is fascinated with running water plus little cups while in the tub.
  • has started showing that he understands what we are saying by following commands.  I've even had him follow a 2 step command on a couple of occasions.  Another one he's done - while asking me for milk, I'll tell him "your milk is on the coffee table" and he will walk over and get it.  
  • enjoys down time by watching "Jack's Big Music Show."  What can I say, the kid loves music!
  • says things that I don't even know where he learned them from.  Most recently he saw a commercial about Dora.  He said "back pack, back pack."  Okay, we don't even WATCH Dora in this house.  Like at all.  So...?
  • Has added so many words to his vocab lately that I have lost count.  The spot on mimicking doesn't help in this ongoing mental tally either.  He'll pretty much say what you say, and then remember it for next time.  He does have a few new high frequency words though. Some of his new favorite words are:
    • motorcycle (mo-ho-hi-cull)
    • bicycle (bi-hih-cull)
    • helicopter (hih-ca-ter)
    • Jaxie (daxie) (our dog's nickname)
    • tiger (guy-ger)
    • gorilla (illa)
    • Pablo (character on Backyardigans)
    • fire truck (hi-huck)
    • unbuckle (yep, he says it just like that)
    • ladybug (bicka bicka bug)
    • cookie and cacker
    • color (cowor)
    • flower (ower)
    • peek-a-boo (peek-boo)

Here are some short videos of Jack talking.  Gotta document this sorta thing!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bicka bicka bug!