Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and Sweet Berry Farms - Jack Weeks 6 and 7

Owen and Mason were excited to get together with some neighborhood kids for a pumpkin carving party.  Mommy and Daddy did most of the carving, but the boys designed how they wanted their pumpkins to look.

Daddy helping Mason scoop the goop!

Finished products (O, M) - they look....exactly the same!  Imagine that! :)

Granna & Jack (6 wks) with Owen and Mason after one last swim of the year.  Yes, it is October 23!

Mason at his school Halloween party.

Owen decorating his rice krispie treat.

We continued our Houston (and sometimes Lubbock) fall tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch even though we had moved to Austin. We found the local "place to go" called Sweet Berry Farm. Jack was just along for the ride, and Owen and Mason had fun exploring a new pumpkin patch. It was a nice outdoor break for Mommy and Jack since we were still holding out on taking Jack to indoor Target! Gasp! I had decided that outdoor outings would be okay since there would be plenty of fresh air! Of course, the weather could have been a little more fall-like, but then again, that wouldn't be in keeping with pumpkin patch tradition.

Mason the pumpkin.

Mason and Owen in the back of a really cool old truck filled with pumpkins.

Attempt at a fall sibling shot with a floppy 7 week old off the back of a truck. 
What?  Normal people don't try this? (M, O)

Not quite sure how a clown relates to fall, but Owen sure makes a cute one!

Pumpkin painting was much more their style than fishing out pumpkin goop. (O, M)

Mason's pumpkin.

Granna, Jack, Mason, and Owen getting some shade from a vine of gourds.

Baby duty while the big boys rode the barrel train.



This picture will always crack me up! 
A very jolly, waving, Native American driving a really old tractor.  Random.

See what happens when you let 4 year olds lead the way in a corn maze?  You find the dead ends!

YAY!!  Halloween!!!
The kids had the BEST Halloween yet I think!  A fun trick-or-treat hayride through my parents very hilly neighborhood with a bunch of kids they know.  We couldn't keep up with them!  The hayride would stop and they'd LEAP off and run off with the other kids hunting for more doors to knock on! 

Back at home, Mommy captured Finn McMissle (Owen) for a picture.

Matching Finn dudes, Mason already into his candy!

Mommy and Mason

Okay, Mom!  I really want to eat these Skittles!  No more pictures please! (M)

Off to bed!  We've got a new house to close on in the morning!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Month Old

At one month old, Jack
  • weighs 8 lbs, 7 oz - a gain of 2 lbs, 1 oz since birth
  • is 20.5 inches tall - a growth of 2 inches since birth
  • is just about the size of "Baby Bear," made especially for him by his brothers
  • sleeps about 16 hours per day
  • eats for a total of about 3 hours a day - around 30 minutes at a time
  • has slept 5.5 hours straight, but only once
  • gets LOTS of hugs, kisses, and attention from his big brothers
  • drinks only breastmilk
  • will take it in a bottle with no problem
  • is gaining neck strength and can hold his head up for a minute or so
  • doesn't absolutely hate tummy time and will last about 6 minutes at a time (Owen and Mason tell Jack he is doing "head ups")
  • tracks with his eyes
  • localizes to sound
  • loves when his big brothers sing "Twinkle Twinkle" to him
  • is a very good/easy baby with not a lot of crying during the day
  • is tolerant to lots of big brother noise
  • can't decide if he likes pacifiers
  • calms down when he is laid on the changing table, but only until you start messing with his diaper
  • has a hard time at night beginning around 11 pm that usually lasts an hour or so
  • has met most of his immediate family, but is still anxiously waiting to meet his Uncle Kyle and his great-grandmother, Mary
  • is one lucky little boy to have been born into a family where so many people love him

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jack - Four Weeks Old

At four weeks old, Jack finally tried out his first bottle.  I wanted to make sure I was able to leave him with family if I needed (or wanted) to.  I kept hearing I shouldn't introduce it too early because it could mess up breastfeeding, and at the same time I shouldn't wait too long because then he won't take it!  What's a mom to do?!  Well anyways, he liked it fine and guzzled down some breastmilk like it was going out of style!  Both Owen and Mason were excited to get to help feed him for the first time - as was Granna, who was the baby holder! 

Mason feeding Jack

Owen feeding Jack

The boys were sent a Halloween care package from Mimi and Papi with some different goodies, including some matching jammies.  We dressed up all the kids and set them out on the festive front porch for some pictures.  This marks the first time that all three kids are in matching clothes!  And let me tell you - it was ADORABLE!!  (even if Jack was camoflauged with the boys pants)! 

Here's Owen and Mason - they're pretty excited that Halloween is coming up soon.

Add Baby Jack to the picture - even more cuteness!

Almost 5 weeks old

Snoozing with Granna

Tummy time with big brothers (O, M)
Owen and Mason call it "head-ups"

Snoozing at the park

Owen playing at the park and looking like such a big kid!

Mr. Mason at the park.

More stroller snoozing.

Playing with Granddaddy (O, M)