Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Need You Now

This is one of the most requested songs in my car right now! Can't get sweeter voices anywhere! Owen is in the purple stripes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea World with the Kellers

I just LOVE getting to see old friends! I knew the Kellers back in high school and, though they moved back to PA, we have kept in touch and had some fun visits. Eric even officiated at mine and Aaron's wedding. They truly are some of my favorite people and I was so excited to meet up with them while they were in San Antonio recently. Owen and Mason's favorite part of the whole day was feeding the dolphins. I was fairly surprised because my boys aren't known for enjoying gross things on their hands. But they held those dead fishies out for the dolphins without a thought. I promised them another trip to Sea World soon because they were a hair shy of being able to ride the Shamu kiddy-coaster and they REALLLLY wanted to ride it. Thankfully, when the guy turned them away, only a mini-meltdown ensued. It was a long and tiring day without Aaron helping wrangle the kids at a theme park, and a 2 hour drive back and forth from Austin, but I wouldn't have missed seeing the Kellers for the world!

Here are some the album cover.
6-25-10 Sea World w Kellers

The BEST Dad!

With all of Aaron's traveling, we lucked out and had him with us for Father's day. The kids started the day off by waking him up to give him the gift they made for him. Aaron decided he really wanted to take the kids to a baseball game but was a good sport about spending most of the time in the kids' area. The kids and I are so lucky to have him in our lives! He works hard for our family (the kids think he goes to work and dances while he's there) and comes home and plays hard with our family. He's the most hands-on dad EVER and Owen and Mason just adore him!

6-20-10 Father's Day

Gruene for the day

We went to Gruene last month with some family and had a hot, sweaty, grand ol' time. Poor Aaron was out of town and didn't get to join us for this adventure. Earlier that day we had a play date with cousin Kennedy and got to meet her baby brother, Beck, for the first time.

Here are some super cute pics of the kids in Gruene!
6-17-10 Gruene

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth...

...that my kids didn't think was all that great!

Since Aaron has been traveling since Memorial Day, we decided it would be fun to take the kids to the circus. The kids have been in a funny stage lately, getting nervous about strange situations, noises, etc. Aaron and I thought they would love all the animals but they were kind of freaked out by the "bad" clown and all the funny noises that were going on around them. Mason kept saying "I want to go away!" We made it through and they liked the majority of it, later telling us their favorite parts were the puppies and the tigers. I guess we should probably stick to Disney on Ice for now!

Click for more pics:


Great Great Aunt Bee

Oh how the kids LOVE her just like a grandma - and she loves them as her grandkids! Bee was never able to have children of her own so we all enjoy spoiling her and treating her as our honorary grandmother. She recently turned a glamorous 91 years young and went to San Marcos to spend the day with her.

Mason is patiently waiting for his piece of the pie!

Owen and Mason getting ready to help with the candle duty.

Singing to Bee

Birthday kisses!

Mason didn't want to leave Numna out, so he went around the table and insisted that we sing to her and let her blow out some candles. What a thoughtful little fella.