Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea World with the Kellers

I just LOVE getting to see old friends! I knew the Kellers back in high school and, though they moved back to PA, we have kept in touch and had some fun visits. Eric even officiated at mine and Aaron's wedding. They truly are some of my favorite people and I was so excited to meet up with them while they were in San Antonio recently. Owen and Mason's favorite part of the whole day was feeding the dolphins. I was fairly surprised because my boys aren't known for enjoying gross things on their hands. But they held those dead fishies out for the dolphins without a thought. I promised them another trip to Sea World soon because they were a hair shy of being able to ride the Shamu kiddy-coaster and they REALLLLY wanted to ride it. Thankfully, when the guy turned them away, only a mini-meltdown ensued. It was a long and tiring day without Aaron helping wrangle the kids at a theme park, and a 2 hour drive back and forth from Austin, but I wouldn't have missed seeing the Kellers for the world!

Here are some the album cover.
6-25-10 Sea World w Kellers