Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jack - Three Weeks Old

Fall is upon us and this little guy is just under a month old already!  It's also coming up on my favorite time of year!  Since we don't have our house just yet, Granna and the big boys did some decorating for the season at her house. 

They were very excited to go pick out pumpkins with her!  They wanted to carry all the big ones and I think they tried to load about 10 into our shopping cart!  We really only needed a couple, so in the end they each chose a pumpkin and then of course they had to choose one for Jack - they picked out a bundle of the "baby pumpkins" for him.

Finding the perfect pumpkin.

Owen trying to get another pumpkin into the cart.

Blurry, but cute.  Mason trying to help lift the pumpkin into the cart.

Then it was porch decorating time.

Just like their daddy - tounges sticking out always help with concentration!  (Owen)

Now look at Mason.

My boys admiring this amazing little guy.

Stroller rides are relaxing.

Owen watching some tv.

Mason patting Jack, who was getting fussy.

Maybe kisses will help.

Mason hanging out with his little brother.

Mason showing Jack a toy.

Owen is showing off his sticker from school.

Evidently babies don't care about stickers - so Owen showed him the toy too.

Owen really proud of Jack in his outfit!  This was something Owen picked out himself (before Jack was born) and asked me if we could buy it for him.  He is very excited it finally fits him!

Mason can't stand to not get some sugar too.  So here's Mason.

Sweet baby!

Here's a sweet little video of Jack making some of his newborn know, the ones you hope you never forget.  You can hear him do his little snort and see him do his jerky newborn movements.  So adorable!

Owen and Mason have a little mp3 radio and they decided that Jack really wanted to listen to music so they thumbed through their music and chose this song.  As you can see, Jack is so excited! Ha!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Numna's 89th Birthday

What better way to spend your birthday than with your three great-grandsons!?  Numna was right where she wanted to be!

Here's Bee

Mason sneaking some kisses.

Numna with her great-grandsons (O, M)

And with her newest great-grandson!

Bee needed a pic with her boys too!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Numna.

Numna was so caught up in us singing Happy Birthday to her that she forgot to blow out her candles.  We are all trying to get her to start blowing before the wax is all over the place - but being hard of hearing makes it a little difficult.  She finally realizes what she's supposed to be doing and joins in.  The kids had fun with the trick candles though. 

Opening gifts - the kids picked out a singing card.

Beautiful picture.

Numna with Jack.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Special Gift for Jack

On the night before Jack was supposed to arrive, Aaron, the boys, and I went to Build-a-Bear to make a special bear for Jack.  It was something that was on our pre-baby to-do list but didn't quite get around to it.  Aaron and I made bears for Owen and Mason before they were born, so we had to do the same for Jack - even if he had already arrived!

They were certain that this was the bear for Jack - he had a heart sewn over his "heart" and Mason said we had to get it because it means love.  (O, M)


Wishing and kissing (O)

Mason making his wish and sealing it with a kiss.

Adding the wish.

One thing I didn't get a picture of was them recording their message for Jack.  When you push the bear's paw, you can hear Owen and Mason's voices saying "I love you, Jack!"  It's so sweet!


Giving their gift to Jack (O, M)

They were quite proud! (O, M)

Jack next to his bear.

Group shot (M, O)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Visit From Mimi and Papi - 2 Weeks Old

Mimi and Papi just couldn't stay away from their new grandson for more than 2 weeks!  They headed down to Austin for more Jack snuggles.

Jack waited for Mimi and Papi's arrival by spending time with Granddaddy.

This onesie is SO tiny on the hanger!  I know I will look back and not believe it could ever have been loose fitting on him - but here's proof!

Mimi helped Mommy figure out an easier method to bathe a baby with a cord.

Jack actually enjoying this bath much more!

Mimi and Papi with their adorable grandsons! (M, O)

Beautiful boy.

A game of Operation with Mimi. (O, M)

Owen and Mason wanted to hold Jack.  Here's Owen...


My handsome, silly dudes! (M, O)

Similar to the previous, but too CUTE not to post!

Baby yawn!

Visiting with Jack and Mimi (O, M)

It was kind of a game for Owen and Mason to see if they could get Jack to grip a finger.
And they get so happy when he does! (O)

Mimi, Jack, and Owen

 When they've had enough adult time and they need a break, you will often find O and M playing very nicely together making up some story using some props.  This time, pirates! (M, O)

Jack snoozing and making cute little "happy baby" noises as he breathes.
Baby pucker.

Enjoying a nap outside while big brothers play.

Caught a smile.