Friday, September 16, 2011

Jack - Day 2

Well, here we are on September 10th.  This day was originally planned with quite a bit going on.  Aaron, the big boys, and I were supposed to attend a sibling class while Granna, Aunt Lindsay, Mimi, and Aunt Manda prepared for Jack's shower with family and a few friends.  Since little mister decided to arrive early, there was no official shower.  Oh well!  Jack was a better shower gift anyway!  And he still got to meet quite a bit of family at the young age of 2 days old!  But lucky for Owen and Mason, the sibling class was a floor down from our hospital room.  I even got the all clear from my doctor to go along.  Owen and Mason are even sporting their new "big brother" shirts from Aunt Manda!

Here is Owen learning how to change a diaper

Mason changing Floppy's diaper

Feeding their "baby" a bottle (M, O)
I agree!  World's Best Big Brothers!

When we got back to the room, Daddy showed Owen and Mason some pictures of themselves when they were first born.  It was fun comparing everyone's looks!

Here are the kids giving Jack a pacifier.  They were SO eager to help in any way they could!

Sweet sleepy Jack

Snuggling with Aunt Lindsay
Hilarious video of Owen's "good guy/bad guy" faces.

So since Jack came early and we had to cancel the baby shower, we had our own little family baby shower in the Labor and Delivery lounge.
Sleepy Jack looking so adorable!

Funny video of kids trying to move a box of wipes (which they think is a box with a tricycle inside)

 Jack's message to Owen and Mason

Jack said we get to go to Disney World in December! (O, M)

Mimi and my caring big boys...they are shielding Jack's eyes from the overhead light. (M, O)

Jack looks appreciative of his shade!
If I didn'tk now better, I would think this was Mason!  Jack is making a face that reminds me so much of the big boys at this age!

Here I am!

Manda with all of her silly nephews! (M, J (clearly), O)

Getting warmed  up with Daddy

Mimi getting beaten at Cootie

Granna and baby Jack

Aunt Manda and baby Jack

Here we go with the obligatory family pics in every combination...

Manda and the silly big brothers (M, O)

Owen and Mason showing Jack his new booties from Aunt Lindsay

Three nephews! (O, M)

Taking an iPad break with Dad (O, M)

Papi made it to Austin to meet Jack after a D.C. business trip
Jack seems to like his Papi

Aunt Lindsay

Comfy on Manda's shoulder

 Owen and Mason know babies can't see very far so Jack gets a 2" viewing
distance of his new booties

The booties fit!
 Kisses from Owen
Three brothers (O, M)
Looking pretty content on big brother's laps
Snuggled up