Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Numna's 89th Birthday

What better way to spend your birthday than with your three great-grandsons!?  Numna was right where she wanted to be!

Here's Bee

Mason sneaking some kisses.

Numna with her great-grandsons (O, M)

And with her newest great-grandson!

Bee needed a pic with her boys too!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Numna.

Numna was so caught up in us singing Happy Birthday to her that she forgot to blow out her candles.  We are all trying to get her to start blowing before the wax is all over the place - but being hard of hearing makes it a little difficult.  She finally realizes what she's supposed to be doing and joins in.  The kids had fun with the trick candles though. 

Opening gifts - the kids picked out a singing card.

Beautiful picture.

Numna with Jack.