Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jack Meets His Big Brothers

Because Jack was born quite late at night (at least it was late in 4 year old terms), Owen and Mason fell asleep before he was able to come out of the nursery.  Friday morning, Granna and Granddaddy brought them back to the hospital so they could meet their brother.  I was insistant that Owen and Mason be the first to actually meet Jack (Granna, Granddaddy, and Lindsay only saw him through the nursery window right after he was born).  According to Granna, when she told Owen and Mason the night before that I was going to have the baby, they started jumping up and down, pumping both fists in the air, and shouting "woo hoooo!!"  So needless to say, they were excited and curious to meet him!  I had been waiting and dreaming of this moment since the day I found out I was pregnant and I was excited to see their reactions.  When they came in the room, they both kind of stared at Jack from a few feet away, but with huge smiles on their faces.  They weren't quite sure what to think and neither of them wanted to touch him just yet.  We told them his name and then they decided they were too excited to keep him to themselves, so they ran out of the room and went to get Granna and Granddaddy!  Once they came back in the room, they began to warm up to him and wanted to hold him.  They got a kick out of him grabbing their fingers. 

Little, tiny, cozy Jack waiting for his big introduction

Jack trying to wake up to meet Owen and Mason

Mason's reaction to seeing Jack

Owen's reaction to Jack

Mason checking out Jack a little closer

Big brothers warming up to their new baby brother

 First family of FIVE picture

All my boys

Big brothers holding Jack for the first time

They were so excited for him to grab their fingers

 Owen fixing Jack's hat

Cookie break for the big boys

Owen and Mason presented me with hand-made cards when they came up to the hospital.  So special!!!  They quickly realized they wanted to give one to Jack too, so Granna took them to find some cards and they colored on them and sounded out his name.  The cards to Jack read "I (heart) U Jac" 
 Cards for Mommy

Coloring cards for Jack

Jack also got some special gifts from his brothers.  One particular shopping trip, Owen and Mason were both insistant on these two certain outfits they saw.  They made sure I bought the smallest size so Jack could wear them right away! 
 Owen showing Jack his special outfit

Checking the fit, upside down

Mason presenting Jack with his special outfit

Hmm...looks a little big

Mason folding it back up for Jack

More gifts for Jack from Mimi and Papi

Another special gift they picked out for Jack was a "Floppy" puppy.  Owen and Mason both received one from Aaron's grandma when they were a few weeks old.  It has since become a bedtime staple and they both named each of their's "Floppy."  So when I showed them an identical "Floppy" at the store, they were really excited for Jack to have one.  And let me tell you, Floppy has done some serious soothing.  For the first 2 or 3 weeks, anytime one of them noticed that Jack was without his Floppy, they'd run and get it for him.  They then would place it RIGHT next to him. 

Showing Jack his matching Floppy puppy

Floppy watching over Jack, placed there by big brothers

Floppy says he looks pretty peaceful

After Jack met his big brothers, he also met Granna and Granddaddy, Aunt Lindsay, Aunt Manda, Mimi, and Manda's mom, Sheila.


Granna stealing more cuddles 

Aunt Lindsay


Aunt Manda and Aunt Lindsay

Jack in his "little brother" outfit

Jack wearing the very first clothes I put on Owen and Mason when they were born

 Snoozing with Daddy

I'm a tiny guy

Mimi with her big boys