Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jack Meets Numna and Bee

Jack was scheduled to arrive on his great-grandmother's 89th birthday.  Since he came three weeks early and late at night, Numna wasn't able to be there for his birth.  We got her and Bee (Jack's great-great aunt who is more like a great-grandmother to my kids) to Austin the very next weekend to meet sweet baby Jack.  

The first picture here is one I will always treasure.  One of the things on my bucket list was to get a picture of my grandmother holding my children.  I am so thankful that, not only do I have so many pictures of all the great times Owen and Mason have spent with Numna, but that she is able to meet, hold, and love on Jack as well. 

Here is a precious video of Numna talking to Jack.  I am SO glad I have this!

Here is Bee holding sweet Jack for the first time.
I love the way the ladies talk to Jack.  So adorable!

Admiring this sweet boy.

The two little ladies discussing what darling toes he has.

Caught snuggling with Mommy.

Happiness is:

Look how happy and proud she is of great-grandson #3!

Paige also came to visit this same weekend.  Shame on me for not doing a better job getting a picture of her with Jack.  She must've had a comfy lap because he just slept and slept.

Meanwhile, we have some knights doing some artwork. (M, O)

Sir Mason

Sir Owen

Then the kinghts decided it was time for a one-sided sword fight with Aunt Lindsay.

What a face!