Friday, October 5, 2012

First Day of Kinder and Daddy's Birthday

Well, the big day arrived and it wasn't as bad as I thought!  I was having mommy-emotions the night before, in disbelief that my babies were starting kinder (and Jack was turning 1 the following week, as well as being completely weaned).  Lots of things were happening to signify that all 3 of my babies were growing up.  It was also the first year that Owen and Mason would be in separate classes.  I think I was dreading this (for their sake) more than they were.  But I forget how resilient kids are, and it didn't phase them a bit!  They were just looking forward to finding each other on the playground!

First day of Kinder pancakes (M, O)

Right before this picture was taken, I overheard the sweetest, most reassuring conversation.
Owen: Mason, it's our day to be apart.
Mason: I know.
Owen: I'll see you on the playground!
Mason: I'll see YOU on the playground!

So pumped and ready to be kindergarteners!

Mason back there putting away his back pack.

Mason getting started on his work.

Owen unpacking his back pack.

Owen found his seat.

Jack dropping off his brothers at kindergarten.

On our way to pick them up after school.

They were so happy at the end of the day!
 Not only was it the first day of Kinder, but it was also Daddy's 32nd birthday!  We did presents and cake at home before Aaron and I headed out to the Saxon Pub for a Bob Schneider show - something that was on Aaron's bucket list!
After school birthday party for Daddy.  A new grill from Granna and Granddaddy.

A Star Wars card from Owen and Mason.

Daddy and the boys.

New travel bag.

Silly face!

Sweet Mason


Yummy cookie cake!

Jack trying to leap out of Granddaddy's arms and get to the candles.