Thursday, August 19, 2010

Owen, the CFO, and the COO

We were all in Lubbock this past weekend to celebrate Mimi's 50th birthday. Naturally, she wanted to show off her charming grandsons. We went up to her work (she is the Director of a rehab hospital) to see a few of her friends. She wasn't supposed to go in that day (Friday) but Thursday as she was walking out of the building, she was stopped by the corporate CFO and COO from Tennessee who were in town for meetings. They, of course, asked her to come in for a quick meeting Friday morning and being the big wigs, she couldn't say no. So, after her meeting we met her up there and wandered around a bit, saying hi to lots of different people. The kids started off REALLY shy and unsocial, gradually moved to just saying hi with "Mine" (their hand that they make talk when they don't want to answer), and then, after roaming around for an hour and playing with some giant balls in the rehab gym, became super-duper, not really using English anymore. Mainly just silly noises coming from each of their Mines.

As luck would have it, we ran into the same two big wigs on our way out the door so Mimi stops to introduce her charming grandsons. Guy #1 kind of leans down to say hi (as he's telling us adults about his 11 grandkids) and Owen starts walking over to him with his Mine up (but not talking). To the person not familiar with their talking hands, it might be a bit confusing as to what Owen was doing. So, Guy #1 thought he was coming over for a fist-bump and readied his fist for the bump. Of course, Owen was oblivious to this, as he was determined to physically tell Guy #1 hi with his Mine. So, past Guy #1's fist goes Mine, and Owen pecks him right in the crotch, THREE TIMES. (Peck, peck, peck)! Guy #1 continues to talk through it and pretend like nothing happened. Aaron gives a tiny chuckle to break the awkwardness, but quickly realizes no one else is acknowledging what happened, so he cuts it off. Then, Owen turns to Guy #2 to say hi to him. Evidently Guy #2 learned and was ready for it. As Owen walks over, Guy #2 has both of his hands open flat (right in front of his crotch for protection) hoping to catch a high (well, low) five instead of a peck. What does Owen do? Sneaks right past both hands and pecks Guy #2 once in the nuts. (Guy #2 should never be a goalie). Trying to make light of it, he says, "you guys can tell a dad when you see one, huh?" Owen then turned and walked towards me and I bent down and told him he is to stop doing that right now. He has NEVER done anything like that before and I honestly don't think he knew what he was pecking at. I think he was just in a goofy mood and the crotch just so happens to be eye-level to a 3 year old. I don't have bratty kids, aggressive kids, rude kids. But I can assure you, those guys are telling this story: "I met this kid today and he walked up to me and punched me in the nuts!" It makes me kind of sad because that isn't the kind of kid he his. But, at the same time, that is THE MOST embarrassed I have EVER been by one of my children to date. I mean really, Owen? The CFO AND COO?

When we got to the car I told both kids they were never to pat somebody on their pants because it could hurt their ding-ding (yes, that's what they call it). Hopefully they understand! Mimi was quite embarrassed as well, but may or may not have minded because the "quick, 15 minute meeting" that was supposed to happen at 9 didn't actually happen until 11:30. They kept her waiting around for 2.5 hours on her day off so she could speak for 15 minutes. Yes, my child did what every hard-working, chained-to-their-job, fed-up-with-red-tape-corporate-b.s. American wants to do. He punched "corporate" in the nuts. You're welcome.

[Side note: Mimi has no reason to dislike these particular guys from corporate, or the corporate influence on her job. I'm just simply playing up a funny metaphor.]

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jam Sessions

Erin's side of the family has some kind of music gene. Erin can play (basically) three instruments, and has a lot of patches on her letter jacket from her days as a band geek. Her mom, dad, uncles, and cousins all play instruments, and of course Lindsay is a dancer. I, on the other hand, love music but have no such talent *cough*wind beneath my wings*cough*.

Luckily for everyone, Owen and Mason seem to have quite a knack for music and it's really become a big interest for them. They pick up the beat quickly, they can carry a tune, and they understand the mood of a song very well. When they were still 2, we noticed that they were basically interpreting the feeling/mood of the music they were hearing. The specific example is while listening to the theme from Disney's Pirates of the Carribean ride. It is mostly instrumental and they would say "this is a happy pirate" when the music was light and bouncy or "this is a mean pirate" when it was heavy.

One of their favorite things to do now is to sit at the piano, turn on the radio, and play along to the music. The funny thing about it is that they pick up the beat of the song and whether it's a ballad or something fast-paced and adjust their piano playing accordingly.

Here's a good example of what I'm talking about. Owen, playing a George Strait ballad for us very seriously. What cracks me up is the movements that he's doing along with it and the serious expressions on his face (you have to watch closely since most of the video is from behind or to the side of him) - I have no idea where he picked those up but we were silently cracking up in the background.

...and some extra shoulder action on a more upbeat song: (Yes, apparently they like their women a little on the trashy side!)

They also love to sing. We've posted several videos of them singing songs in the car, which they love to do. They're definitely a different generation than us, though - the thought of not being able to play any song they want whenever they want (like if we're listening to the radio) drives them nuts.

Beyond just singing along to songs, they love to substitute silly words into songs they know. Favorite silly words right now are "mine," "weasel," and (don't ask me) "beady bore beard."

Finally, here's a great video of them on the piano and the mic doing one of their current favorite songs.

I think this music thing is great - it's a pretty cool thing to be a kid and be able to sing and dance your heart out without being embarrassed or worrying about what you look and sound like. Hopefully they keep that spirit with them as they grow up.