Saturday, November 26, 2011

Counting in Spanish!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Months Old

At two months old, Jack
  • weighs 10 lbs, 14 oz - a gain of 4 lbs, 8 oz since birth (25th percentile)
  • is 21.75 inches tall - a growth of 3.25 inches since birth
  • Is transitioning from being a newborn to a baby
  • Loves to look around and discover the world
  • Concentrates hard and tries to copy when you stick your your tongue out
  • Loves lights and the stripes of the light coming through the closed blinds
  • Started smiling at seven weeks
  • Rolls from his tummy to his back (although he needs to be propped up on his arms)
  • Has slept for 8 or 9 hours a few times
  • Still drinks breast milk
  • Is pretty easy going
  • Loves his swing 
  • Is a perfect little boy, according to his doctor

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New House

We FINALLY closed on our new house!  We had lived with my parents since the beginning of July, Jack was born in September, and we were finally able to gain some more space for our family of 5!  It was extremely helpful living with them though!  They would run the kids to and from school for me so I could stay home with Jack and keep him on schedule.  (The school was a good 30 minutes away from them since we picked one near our future home).  They also helped with rearing Owen and Mason both before and after Jack's arrival, and they babysat while I went 45 minutes one way to my many late-pregnancy OB appointments.  And I'm pretty sure I only went to the grocery store twice in 4 months!  My dad LOVES the grocery store and would do our shopping along with his.  I should also mention we were able to do this (and save some moolah) because Aaron's parents offered to keep our animals for us!  I'm pretty sure Jaxson and Bear (their dog) marked every square inch of their carpet.  So we are extremely thankful to both of our families for all the help!!

First family pic on our first day at our new home! (O, M)

A house fit for a family of five! (O, M)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Good to be Owen and Mason!

The fun hasn't stopped for Owen and Mason since Jack has arrived.  These silly, energetic, playful, funny, carefree boys are still enjoying being 4 year olds!  It's definitely good to be Owen and Mason!

Mason and Owen enjoying bath

Owen playing vet, complete with headlamp

Dr. Mason

This is how Owen wrote his name for his homework, complete with 3 exclamation points!!!

Making some treats (O, M)

 No idea, really.  Buckets, a vet costume, bar stools, and some tv watching. (M, O)

M and O with their guitar hooked up to the iPad

Volleyball with Daddy

It started misting so under strict orders, Daddy had to join them under the tiniest tree to stay dry.
(M, O)

Big brothers at the park (O, M)

Monkeys (M, O)



Cutie Owen

This was just about the funniest thing I have seen Mason do.  It was right after Jack had started smiling.  Mason was trying to imitate the way Jack looks when he does his wide-mouth teeth (hence the funny lips) and mouth in a "D" shape (top lip straight across, bottom lip curved).  It was absolutely hilarious seeing him try to figure out how to make his face into what he thinks looks like Jack's cute little smile.

Now they are just in a silly mood!

Mason being a toot!

Mason and Owen

Owen and Mason were "serving" us drinks - diet coke, bottled water, juice boxes... 

And then Mason heard a big noise from Jack's little bottom...

Owen offered Granna a Tecate!

Mason thinks Owen his hilarious!!  His laugh is contagious!

Mason and Daddy

Owen and Daddy

Mason being a goof!


Hanging with Daddy after some yummy pancakes! (O, M)

The boys loaded up some small cooler bags and headed out for a picnic of beverages. (O, M)

Just in case he needs to rest his head. (O)

Mason helping Daddy build the trampoline in the new backyard.

Owen holding some pieces together.

Owen inventing new ways to wear his cape.

As you can see, these boys are nothing but goofballs!  They love life and love having fun!!