Monday, August 20, 2012

School supply shopping!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Springtime! (link)

Click below to check out what we were up to in April.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

This year we took the kids back to one of their favorite places - Great Wolf Lodge.  They went last year with Mimi and Papi so this was a first for us adults.  The kids were quick to show us the ropes, however.

Aaron got it right when he said "if kids ruled the world it would look something like this place!"  There was the main attraction - the indoor/outdoor water park, plus a 24 hour arcade, ice cream shop, stuffed animal stuffing station, nightly shows, character meet and greets, kids buffet, glitter tattoos, pillowcase decorating, and the boys favorite - the MagiQuest!  Our room was pretty awesome as well.  We had a separate little "cabin" with bunk beds and some windows for the boys to sleep in.

Mason at lunch the first day.  He's so excited!

Jack and his favorite book.

Mason and his new friend "Lobo."

Owen showing off "Oso."

Owen and Oso.

Mason and Lobo.

Mason, top bunk, new Lobo.  Happy kid.

Owen snuggled up in the kid cabin.

Jack peeping through the cabin window.

Owen coloring a pillowcase.


Mason proud of his new pillowcase (he had some help from Mommy).

Owen did most of his coloring on his own.

Family five.

Granna and Granddaddy with the babies.

Jack loving the pool!

Daddy and Mason right after a water slide.

Here comes Granddaddy and Owen's feet!

Granna staying cool with Jack.
This MQ is basically a series of clues for things you have to find around the hotel.  When you wave your special magic wand at the found items, it checks it off your list, gives you points, and puts you one step closer to fighting the dragon (something they were too afraid to do last year).  Kids were up and down stair wells and running amuck with this activity.  Owen and Mason were the perfect age to enjoy it, but a little to young to read all the clues by themselves and be turned loose in the hotel.  I imagine a 7 or 8 year old would entertain themselves for many hours while the parents could relax!  Here are some pictures of the kids on their adventure:

Really excited to pick out these magic wands (M, O)

Checking out the treasure box clue.

Strike a pose (O, M).

Granna on the quest with the boys (M, O).

This posing action was how a lot of their clues were collected (M, O).
Owen was usually quite exuberant with his wand waving.

Mason found a clue on the ceiling.

YES!  They finished the quest.  Now they can fight the dragon! (O, M)

Owen fighting the dragon.

Mason fighting the dragon.

Helping each other.

11 months

  • weighs 20 lbs. 3 oz (20%) and is 29 1/4 inches tall (50%).
  • is already a little rascal and he knows it!  He cares a LOT about cabinets, door stoppers, pet food, the piano, and pretty much anything else he can get into that isn't for babies.  This is so different from Owen and Mason at this age.
  • still nurses in the morning and night.
  • FINALLY got his first tooth!  We think it came through around 10.5 months but we aren't sure because it is his top right canine.  We were too busy watching his bottom gums (the usual "first tooth" spot) and didn't notice this one pop up.
  • is also barely getting a bottom middle and top front tooth.
  • loves, I mean LOVES, ceiling fans!  He will enter a room, stop what he's doing, look up and raise his hand in a Nazi salute fashion, all while speaking gibberish to the fan.
  • has added the hand-rolling motion to his patty cake skills.
  • gives kisses.  Well, more like licks - and if you're not careful, you just might get some french kisses.
  • has started cruising furniture and holds on with one hand.
  • climbed up on the big boys wooden chair, stood on it backwards, held on with one hand, and waved at Owen and Mason with the other.  Gave Mama a heart attack!
  • discovered the tupperware cabinet and has so helpfully rearranged it all for me multiple times.
  • gets into the dog food if we don't pick it up, and when we do he will immediately head to where we keep the cat food.  
  • has learned how to stiffen his body to prevent being put into his car seat.  I consider myself lucky that it took him til he was 11 months (well, 10.5) to figure this one out.  Luckily he doesn't do it too often.
  • loves watching our pets and will look for the cat if you ask him "where's the kitty?"
  • has a favorite book that will usually calm him down when he's having a moment where nothing else will.  It's a giant board book called "100 First Words" full of lots of colorful pictures that he likes to bang on.
  • will shake his head side to side if you tell him to "shake, shake, shake."
  • loves the game of "put a cup on baby's head" and cracks up when it slides off.  If it is taking too long to slide off, he will shake it off.  He will also grab the cup and try to put it back up there.
  • is testing out gravity by repeatedly dropping things.  At first I thought he was accidentally dropping things, but it became clear that the little stinker is doing it on purpose!
  • points to objects he likes, like fans, lights, and airplanes.
  • sticks out his tongue if you ask him "Jack, are you a snake?"
  • says "uh-uh" for "uh-oh" if you say it to him first.
  • has random moments of pure excitement and will let you know by his exuberant applause.
  • has become a barrel-rolling alligator during diaper changes.

Here is this cute little boy in action.  He's such a happy baby!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spring Family Day (link)

Doing a little catching up on our blog.  I found some pictures from a fun family day we had back in March.  Click the picture to check out the full post.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everyday Summer Fun

We haven't traveled much this summer, but we've still managed to have lots of fun here in Austin!  Here are the highlights!
Mason, Cate, and Owen

Chips and queso break at Verde's

Brooke meeting Jack for the first time

We found a tarantula at Granna and Granddaddy's!  See it on the wall to the right?

Marshmallow shooter fight at point blank range is loads of fun!

The men made some mack-daddy shooters out of leftover parts.

Don't mess with this guy.

Jack swimming in a bin and loving it! (O, M)

Dumping water on himself!

Cute and I know it!

Blowing bubbles and being silly. (O, M)

Sink bath - adorable little face!
New baby pool!  No more bins!

Funny expressions!


Mmm...watermelon (O)

Starting to get annoyed!

Great family evening swimming, cooking out, and eating outdoors!

M and O 


Courtesy of chef Daddy

Gator baby

Playing ball with Owen!

This picture was taken right after our new floors were installed but before
we moved furniture back in.  Owen and Mason are playing Star Wars on the XBOX
and Jack is waving around Mason's light saber.  

Jack is already a ladies man!  He was playing in the grass and these girls, plus one more, swarmed around him.


Bath time - red marks on his forehead from too much fun!


Jack really listening to Numna.

He was so interested in what she was tellling him.

Now who has me?

Oh!  It's Bee!!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub! (M, J, O)


Reminiscent of when O and M were babies.  They'd go NUTS on the bed after bath!

Jack trying to get Owen and Mason's lunch.

"It's okay Jack, we'll get you a chair." (M)

Cheerios and his own chair make this baby happy!

VBS! (M, O)




Such a similar picture to one of Owen and Mason!


Owen with Tanner and Carter before VBS

Crazy hair day with Tanner (M, O)


Swimming in the "flat pool"

with Emma!

Jack loved climbing on the playground.

Posing with Emma.


This was right when Jack learned to pull up - looks more like he's pole dancing!

Sly little look on his face when I caught him for the first time pulled up in his crib.

He was proud of himself!

Loves this toy!

Clean baby!

Best kind of nap is a hammock nap!

Loves the wheels

Silly face
Lunch at Grin's for Bee's birthday! (M, O)

And then a stop at the yogurt shop for dessert. (M, O)

Somebody likes black beans.

Such a big boy!

Beautiful face!

Numna enjoying Jack.

Jack discovered the wet dishwasher door and went nuts over it!

Tool time with Mason and Owen

LOVES the clean clothes basket!