Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everyday Summer Fun

We haven't traveled much this summer, but we've still managed to have lots of fun here in Austin!  Here are the highlights!
Mason, Cate, and Owen

Chips and queso break at Verde's

Brooke meeting Jack for the first time

We found a tarantula at Granna and Granddaddy's!  See it on the wall to the right?

Marshmallow shooter fight at point blank range is loads of fun!

The men made some mack-daddy shooters out of leftover parts.

Don't mess with this guy.

Jack swimming in a bin and loving it! (O, M)

Dumping water on himself!

Cute and I know it!

Blowing bubbles and being silly. (O, M)

Sink bath - adorable little face!
New baby pool!  No more bins!

Funny expressions!


Mmm...watermelon (O)

Starting to get annoyed!

Great family evening swimming, cooking out, and eating outdoors!

M and O 


Courtesy of chef Daddy

Gator baby

Playing ball with Owen!

This picture was taken right after our new floors were installed but before
we moved furniture back in.  Owen and Mason are playing Star Wars on the XBOX
and Jack is waving around Mason's light saber.  

Jack is already a ladies man!  He was playing in the grass and these girls, plus one more, swarmed around him.


Bath time - red marks on his forehead from too much fun!


Jack really listening to Numna.

He was so interested in what she was tellling him.

Now who has me?

Oh!  It's Bee!!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub! (M, J, O)


Reminiscent of when O and M were babies.  They'd go NUTS on the bed after bath!

Jack trying to get Owen and Mason's lunch.

"It's okay Jack, we'll get you a chair." (M)

Cheerios and his own chair make this baby happy!

VBS! (M, O)




Such a similar picture to one of Owen and Mason!


Owen with Tanner and Carter before VBS

Crazy hair day with Tanner (M, O)


Swimming in the "flat pool"

with Emma!

Jack loved climbing on the playground.

Posing with Emma.


This was right when Jack learned to pull up - looks more like he's pole dancing!

Sly little look on his face when I caught him for the first time pulled up in his crib.

He was proud of himself!

Loves this toy!

Clean baby!

Best kind of nap is a hammock nap!

Loves the wheels

Silly face
Lunch at Grin's for Bee's birthday! (M, O)

And then a stop at the yogurt shop for dessert. (M, O)

Somebody likes black beans.

Such a big boy!

Beautiful face!

Numna enjoying Jack.

Jack discovered the wet dishwasher door and went nuts over it!

Tool time with Mason and Owen

LOVES the clean clothes basket!