Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Family Day

One spring Sunday we headed to our local park for a fun family day.  The big boys kicked the soccer ball around with Daddy while I played with Jack on a blanket.  We headed to the nearby playground for some climbing and Jack took his first ride in a swing.  You can tell by the pictures that he LOVED it!  

To the field!


Mason testing his luck with getting tangled in the net!

Jack having fun on his blanket.

Silly boys (M, O)

Mason taking a break to give Jack some love.

He really is such a sweet, sweet big brother!
Big smiles!
Loving the swing!

Owen and Mason were eager to help one day (yes, just one day) with the mowing.  They each took turns trying to start the mower and then tried to push it through the weeds that will never die!

Owen trying to start the mower.

Mason trying now!

Pulling the grass seems easier than mowing.

See!? (O)

Owen and Jack

I see you, Jack!

Mason holding Jack and watching Baby Einstein.