Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Jack!

Something I didn't do for Owen and Mason was have a little half birthday party for them.  I should have since making it through the first 6 months of twins is a feat!  But this time around I decided it was not to be missed!

It just so happend that Numna was on her way to spend some time in Austin, so she came over with Granna and Granddaddy to help celebrate.  It ended up being a great evening!  Jack had a really hard time napping all day, and then had to get 3 shots on top of it all.  We decided to put him down for a late nap (while the rest of us ate dinner) before we woke him and had the 'party.'  While he was asleep, Granna and Numna played dominoes and Monopoly with Owen and Mason.  I know they had a great time being the complete center of attention for a bit!  They could hardly wait for me to wake Jack though!  Those boys reallllly wanted a piece of his cake!

I'm SIX months!

Today started off pretty fun!  My big brothers showed me a book.

Numna and Granna playing with me.

Happy baby!

Then later on I got a half cake and present from Mommy and Daddy.


Excited face (my top lip is puckered out)!

This book is yummy but that cake looks better!


What are you brothers laughing at?!

O and M thought it was HILARIOUS that he smashed the cake!

The following are just some ADORABLE pictures of my littlest guy!

Typical Jack smile!

Looking at his brothers!  He loves them!


All that and I didn't even get cake!  They gave me rice cereal instead.  What's up with that?!

Granna got me ready for bed.

Pics with Mommy!

The boys capped off their evening with a story read by Numna.

Came in to check before I went to bed and there was Owen, upside down, but his furry friends were all lined up on his pillow. 

And Mason was all comfy on his pillow (for once)!