Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Months

There is no shortage of cuteness around our house lately!  I know it sounds cliche' but Jack is SUCH a happy and chilled out kid.  And along with being happy comes LOTS and LOTS of giant, open-mouth smiles!  He has the sweetest little face and the prettiest eyes!  His eyelashes are just like his brothers' - and it even looks like he's wearing eye liner because they are so thick.  Not fair!!  We have really enjoyed this first 6 months with our little guy even if our life is a little hectic because of it.  I could not have imagined a better fit for our family.  Here he is at 6 months old...that bear is gettin' smaller and smaller!

At six months, Jack:
  • weighs 15 lbs, 14 oz. (25%)
  • is 26 1/4" tall. (50%)
  • is wearing size 2 diapers and can still fit into some 3 month clothes (although certain footed ones are too short).  He is also able to loosly wear some 9 month hand-me-down colder weather stuff.   
  • is finally going in the positive direction in the hair growing department.  He may have been at 5 months too, but it's possible it was just my imagination.  He still doesn't have as much hair as his brothers did at this age, though.
  • tried rice cereal for the first time and loved it so much that he whimpered between bites!
  • still primarily breastfeeds and still takes between 3 and 9 ounces of formula a day. 
  • stillllll likes to wake up and eat (or snuggle) but is having more and more nights with longer stretches of sleep - 5 or 6 hours. 
  • says "mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm" when he wants something.
  • will NOT take a pacifier.  Luckily he's so happy that he really doesn't need one anyway.
  • has really started enjoying his toys lately.  He has some stacking cups that Owen and Mason really like for him to play with.  They set them on his bumbo tray and he waves his arms and knocks them all off.  They decided he gets points when he knocks them off, and gets even more points if he drools or spits up into one of them.  Yummm... 
  • likes to watch everybody and everything going on around him.
  • decided he doesn't mind being in his bumbo and enjoys this new perspective of the world, especially if you give him toys to bang together.
  • is a cat-napper on most days.  Or maybe just a light sleeper.  Or maybe we are too noisy or busy and keep interrupting him.  But it seems that he isn't getting his full naps on most days.  He will fall asleep and wake up less than an hour later.  These short naps are like power naps to him I guess because he won't go back to sleep until the next nap time (and that one is usually a short one too)!  Thankfully, rested or not, he is still a super happy kid. 
  • sleeps on his tummy at night, takes naps in his swing (in an effort for a longer nap).
  • kinda, sorta tripods himself when we sit him up, but mainly he just folds in half to chew his feet.
  • took his first official road trip to Galveston (I suppose this means he 'saw' the ocean for the first time even though we didn't head to the beach?) and did pretty well.  Not as much sleeping as his brothers used to do on road trips but he was pretty content with his toys.
  • has yet to develop stranger or separation anxiety.  He's happy just being held.
  • finds Owen and Mason more amusing and funny than ever before.  He's always watched them, as long as they were in his field of vision.  Now he will crank his neck as far as possible to make sure he can see what they're doing.
  • has noticed the pets but isn't too terribly interested in them yet.
  • has longer arms than we realize!  He has pulled a bowl of cereal off the table and has stuck his hand in cake because Mom thought he was far enough away!
  • pulls his bottom lip in and sort of suck/smacks on it as if he is tasting something yummy.
  • enjoys "patting" things.  When he's nursing he will pat my arm, sometimes he'll pat your back while you're holding him, he pats his's really quite sweet. :)
  • gets a big grin when he hears someone sing the "Granna version" (came about when Owen and Mason were little) of Pat-a-Cake to him.  "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, roly roly rolllly.  Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, roly roly rolllly. Put 'em in the pan!"  We would always stand him up for "put 'em in the pan" and now I think he is trying to do it on his own because he recognizes it.
  • talks to us in long, one-syllable words.  Usually a long "uhhhhhhh" or "aaaaaaaa" sound. And usually accompanied by patting something.
  • does not care to be held in a lying down position unless he's being fed.  He isn't the type of baby you can "rock to sleep" because he wants to be up and looking around.  Although he loves to be held and walked around with, he doesn't really put his head down on your shoulder when he's tired.  For sleeping, he'd rather just be put in his crib or swing.

I just noticed in the following pictures that his hair looks red!  It is actually coming in a medium brown, similar to Owen and Mason's color.  So far I think this little guy shares hair color, eyes, and eyelashes with his brothers.