Friday, March 9, 2012

School is Cool

Owen and Mason LOVE their school!  We feel so blessed that it turned out to be such a great one.  We were VERY late on picking since we moved in July and were still narrowing down our new Austin location into August.  Lots of schools and MDO's were full and this one just happened to still have 2 openings on the days we wanted!

Their teacher is fabulous, their aide is fabulous, and they are soaking up Spanish like crazy!  They love learning the language that Papi speaks and have told me they want to be a Spanish teacher (and nacho maker) when they grow up.

Each week the kids rotate who is the special helper.  When it's your week you get to do various things, including being the ever-important line leader!!  We decided to join them for lunch when it was their respective turns for special helper.  They specifically told us that when other parents come for lunch, they "hold hands in the hallway."  So Aaron and I made sure to be there in time to walk down to the lunch room holding hands with the kids.  So funny what kids pick up on!  Mason's choice for lunch: Wendy's.

Here are the pictures from Mason's week:

Prayer before lunch.

Line leader on the purple square.

Mommy and Mason

Mommy, M, and O

Daddy, O, and M

 Proud line leader Mason

Silly pose.

Owen waiting in line.

They also went on their very first field trip!  Owen and Mason were counting down for at least a month!  The school happens to (sort of) share a parking lot with Carino's.  So they all walked over and got to make pizza and take a tour of the kitchen area - including the walk-in freezer (that I've been reminded by my little people was only ZERO DEGREES!!!)!  Ha!  Really made an impact, I guess!  Of course I joined them that day (at their request) while Granna babysat Jack at home. 

Mason really excited to finally be on his field trip!

Mason spreading the sauce.

Owen saucing his pizza.

Adding the cheese (O)

Thinks it is gonna turn out great! (O)

A little tic-tac-toe while the pizza cooks. (O, M)

Their buddies on the kitchen tour. (O, M)

In the freezer!  Blurry because all the kids were jumping around!

Mason admiring his work.

Delicious pizza! (O)

A few weeks later it was Owen's turn to be the special helper.  We went to eat lunch with him as well.  His choice for lunch: Sonic.

Mommy and O in the lunch room.

Daddy and his boys. (M, O)

Owen waiting to lead the line with his bubble in.

Proud dude!

My silly, allergy-nose Mason bringing up the rear.

Hard to see, but Owen is VERY proud of himself and very happy Mom stayed for recess!

It is just so crazy to see them in Pre-K!  I used to TEACH kids this age when I was pregnant with them!  And those kids seemed so...well...BIG!  And independent!  And capable.  And not like babies!  I remember thinking back then that it would be weird when Owen and Mason reached the age of the kids I taught...and how 4 years seemed SOOO far off.  Why does being a parent make time speed up?  I'll never know.