Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jack - Four Weeks Old

At four weeks old, Jack finally tried out his first bottle.  I wanted to make sure I was able to leave him with family if I needed (or wanted) to.  I kept hearing I shouldn't introduce it too early because it could mess up breastfeeding, and at the same time I shouldn't wait too long because then he won't take it!  What's a mom to do?!  Well anyways, he liked it fine and guzzled down some breastmilk like it was going out of style!  Both Owen and Mason were excited to get to help feed him for the first time - as was Granna, who was the baby holder! 

Mason feeding Jack

Owen feeding Jack

The boys were sent a Halloween care package from Mimi and Papi with some different goodies, including some matching jammies.  We dressed up all the kids and set them out on the festive front porch for some pictures.  This marks the first time that all three kids are in matching clothes!  And let me tell you - it was ADORABLE!!  (even if Jack was camoflauged with the boys pants)! 

Here's Owen and Mason - they're pretty excited that Halloween is coming up soon.

Add Baby Jack to the picture - even more cuteness!

Almost 5 weeks old

Snoozing with Granna

Tummy time with big brothers (O, M)
Owen and Mason call it "head-ups"

Snoozing at the park

Owen playing at the park and looking like such a big kid!

Mr. Mason at the park.

More stroller snoozing.

Playing with Granddaddy (O, M)