Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Galveston Adventure

We all ventured to Galveston for a family outing one Saturday. Owen and Mason really enjoyed riding in their stroller checking everything out. We took them down to the beach for their first encounter with the ocean. Owen, being the cautious child at the moment, stayed on the beach mat and played with a few grains of sand. Mason tested the sand with his hand, decided it wasn't nearly as bad as grass, and went for it! We let them take a dip in the ocean (well, just their feet) and they were pretty fascinated by it. We got some cute pictures but boy were they sandy afterwards! From there we thought they would enjoy all there is to look at at Rainforest Cafe. Also very fascinating! We sat right by a big waterfall thing and right under a swinging monkey. Rainforest Cafe wouldn't be complete without the gift shop where Owen was very wide-eyed as Aaron carried him through it. There was a realistic looking snake swinging above his head and hissing and Owen reached out and touched it. Hmm...I thought he was the cautious one. They loved it! Overall they had a pretty eventful day in Galveston but somehow we managed to get out of Rainforest without any pictures. Here are the ones from the beach...


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