Monday, February 13, 2012

Roly Poly

This is one little boy who is excited to be getting bigger and better at doing things. I can tell he wants to get moving so he can keep up with his big brothers.   Well, now he's one step closer!

Jack is rolling both ways now and he's very happy about it!  This past week he had been getting his hips and shoulders flipped over but he couldn't quite figure out how to lift his big baby noggin off the ground and un-pin his arm.  He had one successful roll but it was kind of a "cheat" since his bottom arm was down by his side before he started.  Then he did it once again for Granna on Thursday. 

Finally on Saturday it clicked.  And now just one day later, he's doing it with ease.  In fact, bedtime on Saturday was kind of tricky because of his new-found skill.  His instinct was to roll over, which led to his other instinct - mini push ups for tummy time.  Not super fun when you're an exhausted baby.  He got pretty mad so I had to stay by the crib for a few minutes and keep him from rolling while he relaxed enough to fall asleep. 

Here's Mimi trying to entice Jack to roll with one of Owen's cars.