Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Lubbock

This year we hit the road to visit Mimi and Papi in Lubbock.  We don't get up there as much as we'd like, so it was a nice trip - and we actually got to stay for a good amount of time!

Watching the Macy's parade (M, O) 
They spotted a cool float!

The whole gang (minus Aunt Manda) at our delicious meal.

Mason and Daddy goofing around with the camera.

Relaxing outside.

Watching his brothers run around.

Catching rolie-polies with Uncle Kyle.

Got one!

Jack was watching intently and so curious about this little bug.

Chubby little baby hand!

Goofy game time with Uncle Kyle (M). 

Owen couldn't keep a straight face.

Best brothers (O, M)

Jack playing with some of Daddy's old toys.

Owen climbing trees.

Jack was loving his new walking skills!

Mason caught playing soccer.

Just fun in the nice weather.

Mason having fun.

Cute in my winter gear.

Leaning in for kisses.

Owen and Mason.

Exploring the cotton fields.

Mason, Jack, and Owen

Having fun getting dirty!


Owen giggling!

Owen being cute!