Wednesday, November 7, 2012

14 Months

Jack has been really turning into a little person lately.  He is still interested in 'things' (mainly lights, balls, and wheels), but his interpersonal relationships have really been developing.  It is very exciting to see!

At 14 months, Jack:
  • uses several words regularly: 
    • dada, hi (usually repeats this over and over when he is excited to see you)
    • light (ight)
    • pumpkin (pungin)
    • ball, button (buuuh-buh)
    • banana (nana, and he will request this favorite treat by name)
    • bottle (baba, calls sippy cups this too).
  • FINALLY will walk holding fingers!
  • is unhappily giving up his bottles.  The last to go has been the bedtime bottle routine that Jack and I share.  We are trying to replace it with a mellow story time, which he sometimes finds acceptable and sometimes does NOT!  
  • enjoys emptying and refilling containers.
  • knows which lid goes to certain containers.
  • loves to initiate games, especially with his brothers!
  • makes "vrooming" noises when playing with cars and trucks and is mesmerized by wheels.  If he's ever in a bad mood or restless, just show him something with a wheel (a suitcase, my grandmother's walker...) and better yet, turn it on it's side so the wheel can spin freely.
  • thanks to Mason's teachings, when asked what a train says he says "too too" while pretending to pull on whistle cord.
  • responds to instructions. My favorite is when he gives kisses! :)
  • since he hasn't started walking yet, but has found the need for more speed while crawling, he has figured out that if he ducks head as he's crawling he goes (or thinks he goes) faster.  He also does this if he's really excited and crawling away from someone who is trying to "get" him.  (Started this closer to 13 months).  Most recently he has started bear crawling everywhere for the same reason.  We chuckle because it reminds us of the evolution of man picture.
  • puts my phone to ear and says "hi."  He was doing this at 13 months as well and it was one of the first (if not the first) thing I noticed him copying.
  • grabs the remote control and holds it toward the TV, with disappointing results.
  • brushes hair if you hand him his baby brush. 
  • likes to take quick snuggle breaks with Mommy during play time.  He also likes getting up in people's laps to read books (will hand you a book), cuddle, or play.  The other day he was sitting in Aaron's lap playing with something and when Aaron tried to transfer him to the floor, Jack made it known that he was not cool with that and climbed right back up.
  • will let go of furniture for a few seconds and three times has stood up on his own without the help of furniture.
  • has discovered the joy of climbing but has not discovered the joy of getting back down safely!  This kid will scamper up a slide, playground ladder, staircase, etc in a hot second.  He'll also climb on any furniture that is low enough for him!  This is going to be the kid who climbs the railing on the OUTSIDE of the staircase and gets himself in a pickle 6 feet off the ground.
  • loves to flop on the couch and in the pillows (maybe we ought to move the couch and all it's pillows to underneath the staircase!).
  • loves granddaddy!!
  • still eats like he has a hollow leg.
  • loves to imitate others.  One day I did a little laugh at something Jack did and he did the laugh right back at me.
  • is starting to actually play with his brothers for any length of time.
  • dances to music that his toys make.
  • is not afraid of the big slides at the playground and will launch himself down them whether you're there to catch him or not.