Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Trophies Ever

To say the boys were excited about earning their very first trophy would be an understatement!  They finished their first season of soccer and LOVED it and it was a great exclamation point on the end of the season.

But first, here are a few action shots that I know they'll appreciate someday, because they're boys, and action shots are cool!

Owen stretching

Favorite stretch of the team because it meant you could also hit yourself in the face!

Jack's favorite lap to watch soccer games from

Jack's other favorite soccer-viewing lap


Mason again


If red cards were issued, Mason would have earned one for body slamming that kid to the ground.
Joking! The kid is 5. Five year olds fall over for no good reason.
But it makes a good story.

Owen's competitive soccer face?

Mason trying to take control, Owen coming in from the right for a pass.

Owen heading to the goal.

Okay, now all the kids JUMP!  Not really.  No idea why Owen and the blue kid are jumping.

Brother's working together (O, M)

Mason going to the goal.

Owen ready for a pass.

Cool shot! Go Mason!

End of season pizza and trophy party!

Precious 5 year olds being told by their coach what a great season they had.
Too funy they accidentally sat in number order! (M is #3, O is #2)

Owen, Mason, Coby, Kasen, and Hadrian

Learning that they will get trophies!!!  Every boy's dream!!
My sweet Mason getting his trophy!

My sweet Owen and Coach Kristi.



Tough guy faces, and him on the end.

Silly faces