Friday, November 9, 2012

Mommy's Birthday (and some really proud 5 year olds)

On my actual birthday, my mom and I drug the kids on a shopping trip to a fun little boutique that had absolutely nothing for kids OR boys in it.  My sweet guys decided they would shop for a present to give me at dinner later that evening.  With the help of my mom, they each picked out a little necklace.  And OH MY GOSH were they proud!  The sales lady wrapped it up for them and let them use a silver marker to write their names.  They were SO excited that they had found something they just knew I'd like and even more excited to surprise me with it.  Mason kept saying "I'm so excited! I can't wait til tonight!"  Everything about it was adorable!

That night, we met up with my parents, sister, and our friends for dinner at El Alma.  Yum!  The boys gave me their gifts and they were beaming!  (See pictures!)  Even Jack gave me a little present (a magnetic stacking toy).  We have a little tradition that the kids give a gift that we can all enjoy together, like a book or game.  Aaron picked out a kids game for the big kids to give me, not knowing that they were going to do some shopping of their own.  Afterwards, my parents took all the kids and we went with our friends to see Ester's Follies on 6th Street.  Hilarious!  It was a great birthday celebrated with people I love, and people who love me back!  

Owen showing off his gift (look at that face)!

Sorry, had to include a pic of Mason's gift too.

Owen helping me open it.  Big ol smile!

Showing it off!

A pic with the little necklace.
It was a light green stone on a gold chain that just so happen
to match perfectly with the earrings from my sister!

Owen and Mommy - LOVE my sentimental little guy!

Mason intently helping me open my gift.

Look at his smile as I look at my necklace.  Adorable!

So proud!  He picked out a necklace that had 3 pearls on it because I have 3 boys!

Mommy and Mason - LOVE my thoughtful little snuggler!

Miss Emma and her beautiful birthday paintings!

Jack helping me open his gift.

Everybody's favorite time!  

With Desoree and Scott on 6th!