Saturday, February 28, 2009

Santa Fe, Days Four & Five

Day Four:
Aaron, Lindsay, and I got to spend the day skiing while Granna and Granddaddy took care of Owen and Mason. Mimi and Papi drove up from Lubbock to meet us here for the rest of our time in Santa Fe. The boys went to the park and played in the beautiful weather. No pictures from the park visit though. Unfortunately, right before Mimi and Papi pulled into the hotel, Owen fell on the sidewalk and did a face plant. His forehead, chin, and poor little nose got all banged up. He's fine but the rest of our pics show his battle wounds. Oh well!

Day Five:
We all went down to the plaza for lunch and then went to a local park to play. The boys got to chase pigeons in the plaza and get all dirty in the sand at the park. After a quick nap we headed back to the Railyard for a train ride. Boy were they excited! Although once we were actually on the train Owen thought we were on an airplane. The seats did kind of remind me of airplane seats so I guess I can't blame him. We got off at the next stop and waited for the next train to come back the other way. On the way back, Lindsay taught Mason how to act and sound like a train with his hands. He thought that was so cool! After the train ride we went into a nearby store and Papi found some baby sunglasses for the boys. They thought they were so cool that they actually said 'coooool' when they put them on. Then we headed to a great local Mexican restaurant complete with Mariachi entertainment! Authentic! In store for tomorrow: more sledding and snow play! Wheeeee!

Santa Fe Days 4 & 5