Sunday, March 1, 2009

Santa Fe Day 6

Well, it was our last full day in Santa Fe, so we wanted to make sure to get out with everyone and get some outdoor fun in before we head back to Houston, where it's already summertime. Unfortunately Owen and Mason were just starting to get sick, so they didn't get to enjoy it quite as much as we'd hoped. They are troopers, though, and they made it through a picnic lunch (Cheetos have a way of making you feel better) and some rides on the sled. Everyone else took turns riding the sled and Aunt Lindsay started to push the limits with the steepest hill she could find. She, Erin, and Granddaddy all made it through alive. Barely.

Afterward (and after a nap on the car ride back to town) we went to a market/zoo thing in Santa Fe called Jackalope, where the kids got to see some barnyard animals and play with maracas, hacky sacks, and various hats (the kids have really embraced the New Mexican culture). We finished off the night with dinner at Maria's.

Now everyone is headed back to Lubbock, then San Antonio, and eventually Houston. We had fun, though, and we all got to get in some great family time together.

Here's Lindsay's sledding attempt:

Mommy giving it a shot (sorry, I accidentally recorded this sideways):

Granddaddy catching some air:

And, finally, Papi providing some comic relief as he gets on the sled and heads down the slope:

As always, we got some great pictures of the kids and family, which you can find here:
Santa Fe Day 6