Thursday, February 26, 2009

Santa Fe, Days Two and Three

Day Two:
We went to the Santa Fe Railyard to check out the trains. Owen and Mason thought this was the coolest darn thing. Owen wanted to 'have' the train so badly that he was reaching for it and saying 'train, train!' Finally I let them climb in it just to satisfy their curiosity. They kept telling me 'choo choo' while pretending to pull the handle for the whistle. We are waiting for the rest of the crew to join us here in Santa Fe before we take an actual ride on the train. In the mean time, we watched the train pull out of the station from about 15 feet away. Wow!!

Day Three:
We headed up the mountain in search of a sled and some snow. We took a picnic lunch and found the perfect spot for both. Owen and Mason weren't too sure about the sledding thing despite my efforts to tell them it was just a slide. Mommy and Lindsay had fun though. Then we found a picnic table and broke out some lunch right there in the middle of all the snow. It wasn't too cold so we were able to enjoy the scenery. Owen and Mason were so fired up for bath time later that evening. They were flip flopping all over the tub and splashing water everywhere. Granna had to back up so she didn't get soaked! What nuts they are!

Daddy finally was able to join us here and we are so excited. He got in too late for the boys to see him so they will have a big surprise when they wake up in the morning! Day four: Skiing! Can't wait!

Santa Fe