Monday, February 23, 2009

Santa Fe Vacation, Day One

We finally made it here in Santa Fe! The boys were angels in the car on the ride up. We split up the drive to make it easier on them and it was definitely worth it, although it took us 4.5 hours on Friday (to San Antonio), 8 hours on Saturday (to Lubbock to see Mimi and Papi), and 6 hours on Sunday to our little hotel here. We got up this morning and went to the plaza to walk around and see the sights. Surprisingly it isn't that cold here right now so it was a great day to be outside! After we had our fill at the plaza we decided to take a scenic drive up to the Santa Fe ski area and scope out some sledding hills for another day. We had Lindsay's husky, Bella, with us for her first romp in the snow...and boy did she love it. She wanted to dig a hole and curl up in it. Owen and Mason got all bundled up for their first 'real' romp in the snow. They weren't too sure about all the gear at first and preferred to just stand still and look around. Mason fell, of course, and when his little hands hit the snow he screamed! I know, I know, gloves would have been nice. Trying to keep gloves on a 1 year old is next to impossible! After he fell he was more than happy to put on his gloves. It was a fun adventure and I think they thought it was pretty cool. Owen kept telling us that the snow was white. Hours later, after dinner and back at the hotel, I asked Mason what color the snow was. He is so used to me asking him what color this is or that is, that he just blurted out 'BL...' Then he stopped himself mid-word, thought for a second, and said 'white, white.' I was shocked that he had the smarts to hear my question, think about it, remember the color, and then answer me. I think that is the first time they have actually answered a real question. It was cool!

Here are the pics from our first day in Santa Fe!
Santa Fe Day 1