Monday, October 25, 2010

Music and Cooking

It is CRAZY to me how musically inclined these kids are.  They carry tunes quite well, have a knack for remembering a melody after hearing it just once, and have some pretty legit moves when playing their toy guitars (they raise their legs or tip the guitar up or down for effect, etc).  And they turn everyday things into little songs.  For example, when they want their hands wiped after a meal they sing a little song (and I'm not even sure how long it's been being sung, but for a while now).  To the tune of jingle bells (who knows!?) they sing "wipe my hands, wipe my hands, wipe my hannnds-a-hands!"  They also have a little kid mp3 radio that I've loaded up with some of their favorite songs.  They LOVE to turn it on and dance around, sometimes performing for us for up to an hour!  Not sure what other activity holds their attention quite as long!  They'll mix in dancing, singing (or pretending to) holding a mic, or playing their guitar.

The other day I was piddling around the house and peeped in the playroom to find the cutest scene ever!  Daddy and the boys were having a "show" (and they even got Daddy involved).  Mason was intently watching Aaron play the guitar, like he was having a lesson or something.  And Owen is in the background with his microphone.

Eventually they switched and Mason backed up Owen while Owen did a little singing.
I'm excited because I know they are approaching the age when kids can start learning a musical instrument.  I really would like to find out more about it because I think they would really enjoy guitar or drum lessons (although my ears may not)!

Another thing the kids have enjoyed recently is helping with cooking.  A pizzeria down the street from us provides take home kits for kids, so no matter how ugly the pizza, we know it's gonna be good!  It has sort of become a daddy-and-boys activity and they really love it!

We also had a cookie making day.  I told them we could make some Halloween cookies and asked them to tell me who they would like to send them to.  In my mind I was thinking they would come up with one or two people people (probably Numna and Bee) to send them to.  Well my generous children came up with SIX different places to send them: Numna, Bee, Granna & Granddaddy, Mimi & Papi, Grandma Mary, and their best buddy (who moved away) Cate.  Owen and Mason had fun picking out the ingredients at the grocery store,


rolling (and sprinkling flour)


decorating (they decided on the color combos all by themselves!)


and mailing all 65 (yes, 65!) of their cookies.

They even donned my (and Aunt Lindsay's) old Mickey aprons.  Needless to say, they were very proud! 

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Show and Pizza with Daddy