Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hawaii Vacation, Part 1

I can't believe its taken so long to get to any Hawaii blogging! Between 3 cameras we had over 3000 pictures to go through. We have finally whittled them down to our favorite ones. All 650 of them! You ready?

Just kidding!

Here are some of the highlights:

We had a super long travel day from Houston to Honolulu. Our day started at 6 AM and we weren't settled in our room until 11 PM (Texas time). Owen and Mason did GREAT during the long layover and long flight! It was definitely a preview of what was to come with them - just go with the flow.

Here are Granddaddy and Owen burning some energy in the Phoenix airport.

Excited boys taking their first steps in Hawaiian sand on the way to dinner. (O, M)

My super tired kiddos on their first night in the "Hawaii Hotel" as it was called the entire trip. (O, M)

The first full day we were there was Aaron's 30th birthday.  Not a bad way to ring in the new decade, especially when its started off with some Malasadas from Leonard's!

Owen and Mason were so excited to be in Hawaii that they wore their life jackets before we ever left the hotel.

They also gave us a lesson on snorkeling first thing in the morning.

We then headed to East Oahu for some of our favorite things.  Our first dip in the ocean was at Kailua Beach which has super soft sand and sparkling blue water.  Then we got some lunch at Maui Taco, did a little shopping, and headed back to the "secret" hotel pool where the kids enjoyed pool-side smoothies while looking out over Waikiki Beach.  Not a bad set up!
(Mason, Owen)
This video is a perfect caption of the fun we were having that day!  The kids were in great moods and the whole family (including Granna, Granddaddy, and Aunt Lindsay) were having a fun time playing in the water!

 (Owen, Mason)
 (Mason, Owen)

After our quick swim, we all got cleaned up for a wonderful fireworks show over Waikiki Beach with a perfect view right from the balcony!  Then we headed to the Outrigger for Daddy's birthday dinner at Duke's Canoe Club.

And no birthday is complete without a duet performance of Happy Birthday from the sweetest voices around!

Owen's in blue and Mason's in red.  I know, opposite "favorite color" jammies.  They were trying to trick us!

Here are the links to the rest of the pictures from the first couple of days:
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