Monday, January 28, 2008

More Fun Every Day (8.5 months)

Well, the more they grow the more fun we are having! We took the boys to Gymboree (the gym, not the store) and had a blast. Owen and Mason worked on crawling with the help of Mom and Dad. We put a ball at the top of a ramp and pushed on their feet which made them have to move their hands forward one at a time. They did great staying on all fours! They also took a ride down a slide and balanced on some barrels. At the end of the class, the teacher blew millions of bubbles and it was so cute watching them try to catch one. At home, we practiced what we learned at the gym on our own equipment. Both babies did great going up the ramp and the steps.

The funniest thing to happen this week was with Owen. Evidently we've taken so many pictures of the babies that the focus light and beep of the camera has created some sort of Pavlovian response in which Owen breaks into a smile for the camera. Not just any smile-he shows us his best toothless grin, scrunches up his nose, and squints his eyes. It is hilarious!!! We got it on video so you'll have to watch it! And you'll notice the series of pictures of Owen cheesing for the camera. What a funny little dude!

We also took some videos of Owen and Mason doing their army crawl. Poor things were really tired but we tried for the video anyway. They have really improved over the weekend and have started getting themselves up on all fours on their own. Won't be long until they have me chasing them all over the house!

Mason army crawls to the camera:

Owen army crawls to his ball:

Photos from the week:

8 1/2 Months

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