Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Almost Crawling

Our house has begun the transformation for crawlers! We purchased a new bed for our guest room, which is now becoming our play room-a twin with a trundle gives us so much more room to play! This weekend we are baby proofing the house and lowering the crib mattresses!

Owen has a new favorite game. He loves to give a short little "daaa" or "baaa" or "aaah" or whatever sound comes out to try to "scare" you. He wants you to do it back and when you do he cracks up and does it again. We got it on video-and to add to the humor, he also has the hiccups! Hopefully Aaron can get the video posted soon!

We go for our 9 month, yes, I said NINE month check up on Friday! I can't believe they are already 9 months!!! My money is on Mason-20 lbs. and Owen-22 lbs!

Almost 9 Months

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