Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Physical, Sensory, Mental and Social Developments (8 months)

New developments for 2008:
(and some from the end of 2007)

*Owen turns around from sitting position and pulls up to his knees and sometimes feet while in his crib.

*Mason and Owen both like to grab your hands and pull up to standing. They are extremely proud of themselves when they do this! They grin and giggle and if they are crying it is an excellent way to distract them! I also steady a plastic tube and they grip it and pull up. The coffee table is still a little too tall for them yet!

*Both babies are trying really hard to crawl. They are pros at using their arms and feet to propel forwards.

*M & O both look up to the light if you ask them "where's the light?"

*Owen now has 2 teeth like his brother. The second one came through today!

*M & O can stand with their hands free if they are leaning against something-mainly me. They have started lunging from a seated postition onto me and pull up to a standing position. The other day they both did it at the same time. It was my first of many family dogpiles!

*Owen holds his bottle for the entire meal! HOORAY!!!

*M & O have started to wave although not at anything in particular. They just do the hand motion. We are working on associating it with "HI" since EVERYONE stops to talk to us when we're out and about. I feel like we are on parade!

*M & O want specific things, well actually, everything in sight! If they can't have it they fuss! They are becoming very, very aware of their surroundings!

*M & O don't just fall forward face first from a sitting position when they see something they want. Now they can put a hand out and brace themselves while they reach for it or gracefully ease down to their tummies so they can wriggle over to it. They can also catch themselves from time to time from tipping sideways or backwards.

*Problem solving! M & O both have figured out how to get things by pulling on something else or tipping the box over to get to what is inside.

*M & O both rake small objects with their fingers and then pick it up with their hand. Owen saw some crumbs on the table and scooped them together, grabbed at them, pulled his fist close, opened it, and realized he missed 'em. So close!

*M & O recognize the difference between large and small. They approach large objects with 2 hands and small ones with only one. They can also pick up 2 things, one in each hand.

*OBJECT PERMANENCE has set in! Used to, you could hide the remote or your cell phone and they'd forget that they ever saw it. Now they look for it and fuss if they can't have it. This also holds true for Mommy and Daddy. It is no longer "out of sight, out of mind." If we leave the room they object! Mason knows his blocks are still there when you show it to him and then put it inside a box. He leans over to look inside. He looks so hard that he puts his forhead all the way to the box. It is so funny! Sometimes he problem solves and just tips the box over and reaches in.

Week 36 and 37

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