Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year's Eve and Angel Fire

Owen and Mason looked so grown up in their new outfits from Uncle Kyle! They rang in the new year sleeping though...they didn't quite make it to midnight! We also took some family pictures that night.

Owen and Mason saw their first state line and thier first snow! We all went to Angel Fire, NM for some skiing and relaxation! We took some adorable pics of the babies all bundled up in the snow! We even made little snow men for them just like Aaron's mom did when he was a baby.

I can't believe how grown up the boys seem! Aaron and I think they have changed so much lately! Mason's favorite word is ma ma and Owen's is da da. Mason also loves to say pa pa. Papi is so proud! They are both starting to tuck their legs and get into the crawling position...won't be long now! And those teeth-they are fully emerged now! Mason even got another one. They are so cute!

Angel Fire 2008

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