Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lots of new pictures...

They are changing right before my eyes! Owen had only rolled from his back to tummy once and in one day he mastered the skill! Now he rolls with no effort! In fact, he has gotten so good at it he is already trying to crawl. He was pulling his legs up under him trying to go somewhere. It won't be long...

Six Months

Just starting to sit up.

Week 28: A Week at Granna and Grandaddy's

Mommy and Daddy went to Vail for a vacation so the boys spent their first "week at Grandma's."

First Thanksgiving

These turkey outfits were the very first thing I bought when we found out it was twins...last October!

Our Very First Train Set

Great grandmother Numna bought the boys their very first train set. Trains are very special in our family. My great uncle Roy who recently passed away loved trains-he even built a working scale model that runs at 7A Ranch in Wimberley. I know he is looking down and enjoying these boys watching their new train!

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