Friday, November 30, 2007

A very busy month 6 and sitting up!

We have made it to six months and learned how to sit up! I can't believe it! Owen and Mason have been very busy lately. They celebrated Mommy's birthday with her, made their first trip to College Station, spent a week at Granna and Grandaddy's while Mommy and Daddy were in Vail, enjoyed their first Thanksgiving, and watched the Aggies beat the longhorns! WOW, what a month!
The big progress this month is sitting up! At first they were a little wobbly but with a few days of practice they can stay up for a long time. If they get to excited and throw their arms up they'll tip over. I still have to be close by to soften the landings but those are becoming less and less!
Owen decided that he was going to roll from his back to his tummy. We haven't caught him on camera though. Mason is starting to pull his legs up while on his tummy, an early sign of wanting to crawl I suppose! UH OH! My life is about to get very crazy! Before we left for Vail, Mason was mobile via his head and his heels. He arches up into a backbend, pumps his little legs, and scoots around on his head. We thought it must just be a "Mason thing!" Wrong! After Vail, Owen learned the trick! Now they are both mobile in a very unconventional way! All babies learn to roll, sit, crawl, etc. This backbend thing isn't a milestone for most babies, yet somehow both of ours do it! Just another shining example of being identical!
Solid foods are a hit! Now that they've mastered the skill of eating from a spoon, they hold their mouth open between bites like little birdies. It is so funny! They are also learning early on the importance of taking turns and being patient. One bowl, one spoon, Owen's food on one side of the bowl, Mason's on the other. One bite for Mason, one bite for Owen. It seems to work great!
Pictures are coming soon...the babies are calling me....

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