Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 months old

Well, the boys have been moving right along in their quest to grow up. They have both been trying out a lot of different baby foods, like oatmeal, all kinds of veggies, and most recently meat. Baby food meat is kind of weird and smells like Fancy Feast, but they seem to like it. They have also been working on all kinds of vocal skills, like yelling, gargling (Owen), and sticking out their toungue and spitting, which makes for quite the mess when they are eating.

They've also been practicing their "words," learning to say different sounds that sound more and more like real words. Owen started it first, and Mason soon followed. They started with "Ba ba ba..." and today I overheard Owen moving on to "Da da da...," so I'm guessing his first word will be "badass."

They've been having a blast in the evenings rolling around on the floor and banging things together. Most recently we got them a tap-a-tune piano, which they LOVE.

Mason has just started initiating the games that we play. He'll be sitting on our lap and look up, waiting for you to kiss his nose. After you do it, he'll look down for a second, then look back up with a big grin and try and get you to do it again.

Bedtime has really improved dramatically this week. It seemed like they were regressing over the previous couple of months to the point where they couldn't be laid down without screaming and that they would wake up in the middle of the night more and more often. Eventually nap times got more difficult as well. Finally we listened to what a lot of other parents had told us and we got a little "aquarium" that hooks on the crib and plays music and gives them something to watch as they fall asleep. We put them in bed and give them 5 minutes to calm themselves and relax. If in 5 minutes they are still upset, we go in, pat them, and help them calm down. Well, the method worked like a charm. They calm themselves down in no time and they're usually passed out before the first 5 minutes is up. They sleep more soundly through the night, and we all get to sleep better. Thank you Marlo and Mrs. Dines!

Week 31 (7 months)

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