Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby's First Christmas!

Owen and Mason have never seen so many toys in their lives! Santa and the family were very good to them this year. They wore the cutest pajamas monogramed with their names and had so much fun checking out all of their new stuff! The pictures of the babies were a hit to all of the family-they had no idea!
Our babies are growing way too fast in my opinion. Several new changes have occurred over the last few weeks that tell me they are not infants anymore. We are now using "big boy" car seats! Now Mommy and Daddy don't have to lug two heavy carriers to and from the house. We are also using "big boy" bath seats. They love sitting in the tub splashing water and chewing on letters. And the floppy seats are a big hit at restaurants! They love to sit up at the table and bang anything they can reach. And another Christmas present...teeth! Both Owen and Mason have a part of one little tooth that has emerged.

We left town for a ski trip and I didn't get the pictures posted that are stored on my computer. Check next week for the Christmas Day pictures-we'll be back to our house by then!

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