Monday, September 24, 2012

One Year

This little man is just bursting with personality these days!  I can't even stand it how CUTE he is, and I certainly can't believe that this precious, beautiful child belongs to ME!!

At 12 months, Jack:

  • weighs 21 lbs, 8 oz (30%) and is 29 1/2 inches tall (50%).
  • stands for a couple of seconds.
  • has 6 teeth; 2 on bottom and 4 on top.
  • talks!  His vocabulary consists of "ight" (light), "ba" (ball),  "baba" (bottle), "kee" (kitty), "ah ah" (barking when he sees a dog), mama, dada, and maybe "nana" (banana).
  • is completely off breast milk and formula, and still eats everything.
  • has decided that Granddaddy is an acceptable replacement for Mama.  Once he pushed off of me when I picked him up and reached for Granddaddy, and another time he was inconsolable until Granddaddy got ahold of him.
  • knows that light switches go with lights (thanks to Granddaddy).  Every time he sees one he reaches, points, says "ight" and leans in the direction he wants you to walk until you take him close enough to reach it.  Sometimes, just when you think Jack has selected you as the lucky person he wants to be held by, you realize all he wants is access to the light switches.  
  • enthusiastically and repeatedly lets you know he sees a light or a ball (sometimes saying the word 20 times in a row).  He is very sure of himself!
  • thinks most circular things are balls and most switches are light switches, including the dead bolt lock.
  • knows to raise his arms for "soooo big" when asked "how big is the baby?"
  • has been waking up some in the middle of the night for no apparent reason other than an impending developmental milestone (probably walking).
  • tries to sing our family's "da de da de" song and rocks back and forth when we sing it to him.
  • knows that his plain ol' ball is NOT a soccer ball when he's at soccer practice or soccer games for his big brothers.  
  • can climb to the top of the stairs unassisted (if we let him) and knows to turn around and get off of things feet first.  
  • LOVES to flop around on the couch and land backwards into the throw pillows.  
  • has put my cell phone to his ear a couple of different times.  Oh dear.
  • is relentless if he sees a bottle of water, a cup with a straw (that isn't his) or a can of soda. MUST. HAVE. IT. TO. PLAY. WITH!
Remember that personality I mentioned earlier?  Well...

Classic Jack - ankles crossed

And just a close up of this beautiful face:

Months 1-12!